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Phoenix Insulation Removal

Barrier Insulation offers insulation removal in Phoenix, and the greater Phoenix community.  There are various reasons that homeowners and businesses end up having insulation removal in Phoenix.  As much as there are lots of reasons it can be a physically demanding job it must be done to maintain the air quality in the buildings and homes that we spend our time in.  This job requires handling moldy or contaminated insulation materials and is a job for professionals with the proper safety equipment and disposal methods.

Insulation Removal in Phoenix

Insulation Removal Water Damaged PhoenixInsulation Removal Due to Water Damage – If your roof has been damaged by a storm, or a branch has fallen on it water can be getting in.  When that water sits on your insulation it causes mold.  If that mold is left unattended it causes air quality problems in the home and can cause serious health problems.  Stachybotrys is a type of mold that can exist in attics and on insulation.  This mold isn’t rare according to the CDC and can cause a variety of conditions, from mild eye and lung irritation to more serious conditions like fever and shortness of breath.

Insulation Removal Due to Sagging or Collapsed Ceilings – There are times due to different reasons that the structure of the building itself might begin to sag or entirely collapse.  Clearly in this situation the insulation needs to be removed and replaced.

Insulation Replacement After Attic Work Phoenix

Insulation Removal After Roof Repairs or Attic Work – Different people end up in our attics.  People from the cable or satellite company, electrical, plumbing or other contractors doing skylight or structural work, and many other types of services.  During the work your insulation might become damaged and need replacement.  This is a good thing to watch for after you’ve had a worker in your attic to make sure that everything is still performing up to par.

Insulation Removal Contaminated Phoenix AZInsulation Removal Due to Infestation Contamination – Another risk is the possibility of animal infestation.  Things like rats, mice and even raccoons can find their way into attics.  In addition to chewing wires they leave their excrement and urine in the attic and in the insulation.  Leaving insulation that has been contaminated with either mold or excrement can cause respiratory and other serious problems.

Brokedown Insulation Removal Phoneix AZInsulation Removal Due to Breakdown – Given the extreme heat we experience here in Phoenix our roofing and insulation materials are put to the test.  Given time the materials wear down and aren’t as effective as they once were.  Broken down insulation needs to be first removed and then replaced.

Smoke Damaged Insulaiton Removal Phoenix AZInsulation Removal Due to Smoke Damage – If you’ve had a fire in your home the smoke from it can go into your attic and permanently stain your insulation with that terrible smell.  No one needs a reminder of such a traumatic event.

Insulation Removal for Upgraded Modern Insulation
– If you’ve got old insulation or just a less effective insulation type, it can be removed and a more energy saving modern insulation solution can be added.

Why Can’t New Insulation Just Go Over the Old Insulation?

Upgrading Insulation Phoenix AZAttics aren’t known as a place that many homeowners spend much time dusting, mopping or keeping clean.  Leaving old layers of insulation, regardless of their type leaves all those years of dust, animal droppings and mold in your home. If you just keep leaving layers and adding more you’re making a recipe for disaster.

Why Should I Re-Insulate?

Replace Insulation Energy Benefits PhoenixReplacing, Re-insulating or Removing old insulation greatly reduces electricity bills from cooling or heating and prevents against infestation. Most companies make you wait 2-3 days to finish the re-installation process. Our Insulation removal experts can get the same job done in 4-5 hours with the same quality work.

Other Services Available When Removing Insulation:

Duct Sealing Barrier Insulation Phoenix AZDuct Sealing in Phoenix – With the insulation temporarily out of the way the attic side of your air ducts are exposed and can be worked on and improved. Approximately 47% of your home’s average utility bill is spent on air conditioning and heating.  The average about 30% of each dollar that you’re spending to heat or cool your home is being lost through leaky ducts.  The seams around the edges can be sealed up during the insulation removal and re-installation process to created a more energy efficiency house.