Blow In Wool Insulation

Blowing Wool Insulation Phoenix | Knauf EcoFill™ Wx

What Is Blow In Wool Insulation?

Are you searching for “Blowing Wool Insulation Phoenix”? If so you are looking for a high quality insulation option for your home. Barrier Insulation installs is proud to offer Phoenix high quality blowing wool insulation. We feature Knauf EcoFill™ Wx blowing wool insulation which is designed for retrofitting existing houses and weatherize against the elements.

EcoFill™ Wx has the highest degree of post-consumer recycled content, so you can comfortably rest in a climate controlled home and the knowledge that it is an eco-friendly product.

EcoFill™ Wx Blown Wool Applications

EcoFill™ Wx Blowing Wool Insulation is used to weatherize or retrofit homes by installing it in walls and attics. Highly effective insulation R-values are achieved by dense-packing sidewalls and loose filling attics floors or ceilings.

Sidewall Blowing Wool Installation
When installing EcoFill™ Wx into existing walls the process is done by using the “drill and fill” technique where access inside the wall spaces is made through the sheetrock or wall surfaces, insulation is dense packed in, and the wall is repaired to return it to have a seamless appearance.

Attic Blowing Wool Installation
This insulation is also ideal for doing open blow insulation installations in attics. With EcoFill™ Wx being excellent for walls and attics there is only one insulation product needed to complete insulation weatherization and retrofitting projects.

EcoFill™ Wx Features & Benefits

Blowing wool insulation has a number of great benefits like being more affordable than other insulation alternatives and the ability to retrofit old walls with insulation. EcoFill™ Wx blowing wool insulation has a number other unique benefits that make it an exception product for Phoenix homeowners.

• Dense packing fills up all and gaps which creates better interior temperature control and an effective thermal barrier against outside air.

• EcoFill™ Wx will absolutely not settle in your walls. Which means many years of excellent performance.

• Superior resistance to infiltration of air than cellulose insulation materials.

• Achieves an R-value of R-15 with 2×4 construction.

• Achieves an R-value of R-23 with 2×6 construction.

• When installed in attics it will not change its intended R-value.

Environmental Benefits of EcoFill™ Wx

Protecting the environment and your family need not come at the cost of comfort and energy efficiency. EcoFill™ Wx is made from the highest percentage of post-consumer materials, a whopping 61.9%! In fact each and every bag of this insulation is the equivalent of 30 recycled bottles. EcoFill™ Wx is also a GREENGUARD™ Gold Certified product which means it achieves the highest standards for indoor air quality. This insulation also does not sustain rodents, insects, or vermin like some other types of insulation can. In fact EcoFill™ Wx also doesn’t promote growth of bacteria or fungi. All of these qualities translate into longer lasting insulation that helps protect your indoor air quality, and helps protect the environment by being made from recycled materials.

Phoenix Blown Wool Insulation Installation

If you are ready to retrofit or weatherize your Phoenix home or business Barrier Insulation is ready with the most professional, skilled, and friendly team of insulation contractors in the Phoenix metro area. We are proud to feature EcoFill™ Wx Blowing Wool Insulation as part of our insulation options for both residential and commercial buildings. Contact our team to ask a question or schedule a visit to talk about the best insulation options to reduce energy bills and make your home more comfortable. For quick connection please call 602-499-2922 or 623-931-0637.

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