White Fiberglass Insulation

Certainteed Insulsafe SP Blown In Fiberglass Insulation Phoenix, AZ

Blown-In White Fiberglass Insulation

The fiberglass blown-in insulation referred to as the Northern White is what they use in the construction of commercial and residential buildings, it is an acoustical and thermal insulation. This type of design is used for pneumatic installation and is used in the plenum areas of an open attic or ceiling with a slope maximum of 4.5:12 or a flat floor.

This product doesn’t have any chemicals that can cause fungus growths and mildew, will not settle, it non-combustible, odor free, and non-corrosive. It also doesn’t contains any asbestos, hasn’t any sustenance that would provide for vermin, doesn’t absorb moisture, and will not rot or decay.

It has a minimum of combined pre-consumer recycled content at 65%, and post-consumer recycled content. It is unbonded, virgin fiber, White, and a fiberglass insulation that is loosely filled. Shelf life last longer due to the additives that are applied. which also reduces the chance of static electricity, and reduces the fiber dusting that occurs during application.

Since this insulation has no asbestos, vermiculite, phenol formaldehyde binder, or perlite it makes a good insulator. Also, there is the added benefit of being able to qualify during tax season for the energy tax credit. If you would like more information on the energy tax credit visit CertainTeed Energy Tax Credit page and certainteed.com/tools for the specific rebates and incentives in your area.

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