Attic Insulation Installation Cost
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Attic Insulation Installation Cost 2021

The average attic insulation installation cost in 2021 is $1,502 according to HomeAdvisor. Depending on the price of the materials used for insulation costs range between $926 to $2,007. This cost includes material and labor cost for professional installation.

Choosing Insulation

Blown-in insulation works especially well for an attic with uneven frames and obstructions between beams. You can buy large bags with loose materials like cellulose, fiberglass or mineral wool fiber. A contractor will then install the material through a machine that blows it into gaps and spaces. The minimum R-value, which refers to resistance against heat loss, should be at least R-16.

The usual R-value per inch of fiberglass, cellulose and mineral wool ranges from 2.2 to 3.8. Remember that higher quality materials will have better R-value. Spray foam insulation usually has an R-value per inch of up to 6. If you plan to convert the attic into a livable space, spray foam will be a good option for insulating against noise.

On the other hand, batt insulation contains the same materials used in blown-in insulation, although the former has cotton as an additional component. You should only consider batt insulation if your attic has an even frame and standard spaces without any obstructions. There are other types of insulation, like using structural insulated panels and reflective insulation. You can expect the contractor to finish a small installation within two hours, depending on the attic’s size and chosen insulation technique.

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