Bathroom Insulation
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Bathroom Insulation

When you have proper insulation it reduces the cost of heating and cooling your home but inadequate or damaged insulation in the bathroom is a leading cause of rotting and mold. Read on to learn more.

Bathroom Mold Dangers

The health problems caused by mold are well documented by the Untired States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – they note it can produce harmful allergens and mycotoxins as well as fungus and toxins caused by the fungus. Responses may include hay fever like symptoms, dermatitis and mold. Black mold in particular is a concern as it can be the instigator of asthma attacks.

What To Look For

  • Water stains on your ceiling.
  • Water marks around bath vents.
  • Darkened wood.

Mold Elimination

If you neglect mold it may be costly from a financial and health standpoint. So, if you see these signs it is vital to replace your bathroom insulation as soon as possible.

Bathroom Insulation

Sprayed insulation, such as cellulose or foam, are usually smarter choices than fiberglass for your bathroom. Another path is foam pipe insulation, which will keep pipes warmer during cold months. If you prefer a more “green” solution, try soy-based foam insulation, which is mold- and mildew-resistant.

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