Benefits of Insulating Your Attic
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The Benefits of Insulating your Attic

Your attic does a lot more for your home than simply storing your belongings. Attics are designed for providing a protective barrier for your house from cold, heat and humidity. But for the top part of your home to fulfill its job, you need to have your attic properly insulated.

As reported by NAIMA, ninety percent of single-family homes in the United States are less than satisfactorily insulated. When your homes attic is not insulated or has not been insulated for a while, it could jeopardize your home’s safety, efficiency and comfort. What are the benefits of having your attic insulated? Keep reading to learn more.

Lower Utility Bills

Heating and cooling comprise of fifty to seventy percent of the energy consumed in the average US home. And when your home is un-insulated or less than satisfactorily insulated, you’ll spend extra money attempting to keep pleasant temperatures. How much are you going to save by having your attic insulated? As reported by the EPA, you could save an average of fifteen percent on heating and cooling expenses (or a ballpark of eleven percent on total energy costs) by having the home air sealed and insulating it’s attics, floors and tight places. The money you are going to save could depend on several factors, including your family’s way of life, the design of your home, and your kind of heating system, but you could expect substantial energy savings which translates to substantial dollar savings. As a matter of fact, the average homeowner is able to save about $780 each year.

Safer Home Structure

Insulating your attic allows you to prevent progressive damage to your home, as the result of heat and moisture. Insulation hinders water vapor from trickling in and eating away at your walls. It also decreases heat build-up in your attic, in which could cause your roof shingles to expand and crack or cause the plywood on your decking to weaken. It stops ice dams from developing when snow melt refreezes on the roof’s edge. Additionally, insulating your attic is a way to prevent mold growth that flourishes in moist, cooler areas. Insulation prevents these problems from happening by reducing the effects of condensation.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Outside pollutants like dust, dirt, mold, mildew and possibly worse can get inside your home through air leaks as the result of poor insulation. As time goes on, the build-up of these airborne contaminants can seriously jeopardize your indoor air quality. Insulating your attic stops these contaminants from spreading throughout the home, enabling your family to breathe easier and appreciate a cleaner indoor setting. Additionally, installing newer insulation can eliminate pollutants that possibly may have grown or lived on the old insulation.

Better Indoor Comfort

Heat naturally flows from warmer areas to cooler areas. And even in homes that are equipped with current HVAC systems may cause serious temperature variations when less than satisfactorily insulated. Meaning that the home can get hotter or colder faster when the outside temperature changes.  Rooms on the second story could differ in temperature considerably from those the first floors. A temperature variance of ten to fifteen degree between floors in your home is a clear indication your home has insufficient insulation. A lot of bedrooms in homes in the US are located on upper floors, so installing insulation is a perfect way to guarantee comfort at night and in the early morning, when the temperature is at it’s lowest.

Less HVAC Depreciation

Older homes are inclined to be drafty, and inadequate insulation could cause your heating and cooling systems to work overtime to maintain an even temperature. These temperature fluctuations can become even more excessive in homes in which ductwork goes through the attic. Adequate attic insulation hinders cooler air from remaining at the lower floors whereas heat rises, resulting in less depreciation on your HVAC unit. With reduced heat gain in the summer and reduced heat loss during winter, you’ll decrease your family’s dependence on your home’s HVAC system while maintaining pleasant indoor temperatures all year long.

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