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Blown-In Insulation vs. Batt Insulation

When it comes to insulation, there are several types that are prominently used for various reasons. When you are considering which type of insulation you want to go with knowing the nuances of each type and how they compare to each other. In this blog entry we are going to compare Batt insulation to Blown-in insulation. These are two of the most commonly used insulation types and may very well be the style that you end up choosing.

Blown-In Insulation:  This insulation type requires a professional technician with the necessary equipment to install it. The main advantage of blown-in insulation is the fact it can be blown into tight places that would be otherwise hard to insulate. Blown-in insulation is made from cellulose which is an affordable material that is safer to be exposed to than fiberglass. This insulation type can compact over time, which will cause it to lose overall efficiency, which is one of its few cons. Blown-in insulation should be strongly considered as it is both highly effective, more versatile in where it can be placed, as well as being affordable.

Batt Insulation: Batt is one of the most widely spread types of insulation available today. The reason for this is its low cost and how easy it is to install. Batt insulation comes in a foam roll that is meant to be cut into the shapes of the spaces you intend to insulate. This style does have its limitations as it is not suitable for crawl spaces and other hard to reach areas that should be insulated. Installation needs to be handled needs to be handled very carefully as any missteps can greatly affect the energy efficiency of the insulation in a negative way.  Batt insulation is also prone to becoming compacted which can greatly harm its ability to effectively insulate.

2 thoughts on “Blown-In Insulation vs. Batt Insulation”

  1. It’s interesting that blown-in insulation is good for getting into tight spaces. I’m wanting to have m insulation replaced, and I really think this could be a better option than batt insulation for my attic. It’s definitely something to consider when looking to replace all of the old insulation.

  2. this is some great information, and I appreciate your point that blown-in insulation is affordable and effective. My husband and I just moved into an older home, and the house’s energy efficiency isn’t as good as we would like, so we’re talking about installing insulation. We’ll definitely look into having it blown into the attic as an affordable option. Thanks for the great post!

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