Fall Is The Best Time To Insulate Your House

Fall Is The Best Time To Insulate Your House

With the holidays right around the corner fall is the best time to insulate your house. This is the time of year where the electricity bills from cooling our houses have fallen off, and we might have a little extra money to invest in our homes. Getting it done now, before we are knee deep in buying Christmas presents helps us manage our budgets better. While putting up the holiday decorations adds visual warmth to our homes, it does little to actually fight off the coming cold.

You can wait until you can’t come out from under your blanket to fix the problem, but it is the right time of year to get the pros to come and do an insulation inspection. Insulation over time can settle, degrade, and be damaged by water or other attic or wall insect infestations.  Knowing the condition of your insulation, and if you need insulation removal can help you know how to best take care of yourself and your home.

Insulated Before You Shiver

While the Phoenix area isn’t famous for its cold, the winters do get near freezing and it can be very uncomfortable for residents who are used to temperatures in the 90’s and 100’s. Investing in insulation in the fall helps avoid getting to the point where you panic and are desperately begging for someone to come and put insulation in your home. Not only will getting it handled early save you on discomfort but there really is no wrong time to get insulation. It will help you save money all year long. Fall is just easier because there is usually a little extra cash with lower seasonal electricity bills.

Insulation Saves Money

While installing insulation will likely be about the same cost, you will save more the sooner you get it installed in energy costs.  Taking advantage of the fall to install insulation means that the moment you flip on your heater, you will instantly be saving money. Not just in the fall, but all winter long. Cooler fall and winter temperatures are on their way and taking advantage of the mild fall weather will rack up the savings. Best of all insulating now will mean you are ready for the next summer and will save even more when the heat sets in again.

Getting Ahead Of The Problem

Like anything related to the upkeep and repair of our homes we need to stay on top of the issues. When insulation is worn out, become degraded by leaks in our attics, or has been ruined by pests in our attics it is no longer efficient and should be replaced. Inspection is the first phase of insulation maintenance. If the insulation you have is in good condition you might just need duct sealing or additional insulation in problem spots. If the insulation is damaged or worn out you will need insulation removal and re-installation of the insulation. Take care of the problems in your house soon and when they are small. Problems left to fester tend to only get worse and more expensive to fix. The difference with insulation is that insufficient insulation means higher energy bills all year long.

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