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Garage Insulation For Increased Energy Efficiency

If you are looking to enhance the energy efficiency of your home in Phoenix, AZ, one step you may want to consider that could render great saving on your energy bill is, insulating your garage. Typical garages are not insulated and can become extremely cold in the winter time and extremely hot in the summers. These extremes can damage and warp things you may have stored in your garage and ever add wear and tear to your vehicles that are experiencing the temperature fluctuations in your garage. The temperatures in your garage affect the temps in your home if your garage is attached to your house. The air can pass into your home, causing your central air system to work harder in order to sustain the interior temperature that you set it to maintain.

Having your garage properly insulated will help tremendously to keep your home and garage comfortable on top of enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. Aside from having your garage outfitted with an insulation system there are steps that can be taken to enhance the effect that the insulation system will have on your garage. One of these steps is to have a lightly colored garage door. Lighter shades and colors will reflect light and heat away from your garage whereas darker colors and shades will absorb heat and cause your garage to heat up tremendously.

Having a ventilated garage door is another option as the vents will allow air to constantly circulate throughout your garage instead of remaining static. Still air will remain hot and promote rising temperatures as it effectively compounds on itself instead of flowing freely. Air flow along with a garage door that reflects heat and light will help your chosen insulation system transform the energy efficiency traits and qualities as well as the comfort level of your homes attached garage.

Is Your Home Garage Properly Insulated?

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