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Polyiso insulation is used in Phoenix residential and commercial construction projects. It is a common insulator of walls and roofs. While there are other options for rigid foam board insulators Polyiso offers the highest R-value per inch, and the longest term durability for thermal performance.

What is Polyiso Insulation?

Polyisocyanurate, also known as Polyiso, is a rigid foam board that has a closed cell internal design. It is comprised of a foam core that is sandwiched between two facers. Facers used for polyiso insulation vary from being made from inorganic and organic materials, such as fiberglass or paper. It is a widely used and common insulation product for residential walls and roofs. Polyiso foam board has one of the highest R-values in the insulation industry, so it is a great choice for many Phoenix homeowners.

Polyiso Insulation Applications

Roof Insulation

Today’s world is about energy conservation and keeping our bills lower. A major factor in having energy efficient homes is having good insulation. Polyiso has unique benefits which contribute to being a great insulation for roofs. It has the highest R-value per inch of any foam board, only roof insulation with 3rd party certification, and is the only high thermal foam to meet both UL 1256 and FM 4450 standards.

Wall Insulation

An increasing number of contractors are selecting polyiso boards to go into and on the walls of new construction projects. Utilizing the high R-value polyiso board helps reduce the overall footprint of the walls and increases the internal square footage of a home.

Advantages Of Polyisocyanurate Insulation

Polyiso insulation has multiple advantages, some of them:

  • Polyiso foam board has the highest R-value per inch of any foam board. This makes it the most thermally efficient board on the market.
  • Being a closed cell product the foam core is moisture resistant which helps it resist developing mold if there are leaks in the attic or walls.
  • Polyiso is compatible with most building adhesives, solvents, and construction materials.
  • Conforms to fire test standards FM Class 1, UL 1256 and Canadian building standards.
  • Long term durability and retention of R-value. Long term insulation performance can be measured using the LTTR method. This is an accelerated long term examination of the insulation materials. Using environmental conditions 15 years of use is simulated and comparative R-values are recorded. Polyiso has one of the highest retentions of thermal performance.
  • Environmentally friendly as it is CFC and HCFC-free. Which are ozone hazardous emissions.
  • It also many times is built from recycled content. While virtually all polyiso manufacturers use a high percentage of recycled content, a great portion of them are 100% recycled content.

Polyiso Insulaiton & the LEED program

The LEED program is a building certification program that is designed to help construct buildings which are constructed to build environmentally friendly and energy efficient structures. Polyiso can be a part of earning this recognition for a construction project. There are 2 main LEED codes that polyiso can help earn LEED credits with, these are optimized energy performance and the prerequisite minimum energy performance standards.

Polyiso also helps win in the LEED sectors of application and use of recycled materials in new building construction, reuse of polyiso foam board to reduce use of virgin materials, being produced in the united states it may help earn credit for using domestic/regional products, and is a rapidly renewable material.

Phoenix Insulation Contractors

If you have a new building going up or have one that just needs new insulation in Phoenix, Barrier Insulation has a full selection of products to meet every possible need. We can help you select the most cost effective solutions for your home or business, professionally install it, and ensure that every customer is satisfied. Insulation installed by Barrier Insulation will help keep your more comfortable year round, and keep those energy bills lower. Give us a call today at

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