How To Save Energy and Cut Your Electric Bill In Half
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How To Save Energy & Cut Your Electric Bill In Half

To save energy and cut your electric bill in half you’ll need have more energy efficient appliances, energy star HVAC systems, and cut down on the need to use electricity with insulation, energy efficient bulbs, and more.  Read about how you can cut your electric bill in half with these energy savings ideas.

12 Best Ways To Save Energy

The best ways to save energy and cut your electric bill involve installing more energy efficient items but also making it so your home doesn’t need as much electricity to be comfortable.  This involves weatherizing, insulating, using less hot water, and simply being more aware of how you use electricity and changing your habits.

1. Solar Power

A huge game changer in cutting your electric bill in half is the advent of solar power.  Being able to get energy to use in your home straight from the sun saves energy. See how much you can save with solar here.

2. Energy Star HVAC

No matter how well you insulate you’re going to need to heat in winter and cool your home in summer.  Energy Star air conditioners and central heaters help use less electricity to keep you comfortable.   So, consider upgrading your homes heater and air conditioning unit to Energy Start rated equipment.

3. Install Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats and those that are programable help you save even more energy.  While no one is at home during work, school, or even vacations your home doesn’t need to be kept as cooled or heated.  Programable thermostats can be manually programed for when you’re away.  S

mart thermostats can be programmed, controlled remotely, and even learn your household’s habits and save energy while your away automatically.  Then before you arrive home they kick the system back on to make sure the home is comfortable when you arrive.

4. Energy Efficient Appliances

The refrigerator, oven, range, water heater, and other home appliances all use energy.  Even your flat screen TV draws power and should be considered.  All home appliances and larger electronics are available in energy star models that will help you save energy.

5. Use Less Hot Water

Water heaters use a significant amount of electricity to be ready to provide hot water for showers, cleaning dishes, baths, and everything else you need hot water for.  By installing an energy start hot water heater you’ll save.  You can also turn down the thermostat on your hot water heater, so you simply use less hot water.  Adjust your showering and bathing habits to use less and you’ll use less electricity.

6. Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home is a huge way to cut your electric bill in half.  Without insulation or without insulation that is in good shape you’ll be cooling and heating like crazy to stay comfortable.  Running around with an insulated mug for your ice water in a home that’s doesn’t have good attic insulation or insulation in the walls keeps your HVAC system running and using much more electricity. Learn about how you can get quality home and attic insulation here.

7. HVAC Duct Sealing

Many homes HVAC ducting goes through the attic.  As this cool or hot air travels to the rooms it needs to the attic can steal some of the efficiency.  Gaps in the ducting of your home’s HVAC system makes your heater and air conditioner work harder and use more electricity.  Consider having your attic insulated so it’s more temperate and getting duct sealing to help cut your electric bill.

8. Weatherize Your Home

Weatherizing is similar to insulating but it deals more with vents, gaps, and cracks around windows or doors.  By checking door frames, windows, and vents for air leaks you’ll be able to save energy.  You can purchase and install some caulk to seal up these energy wasting gaps and cracks.  In addition, new weather stripping on doors and windows help keep cut your electric bill.

9. Upgrade To Energy Efficient Windows

The windows in your home can help keep your home more efficient. Not only the material but coatings can help reflect the sun’s energy and help cut your electric bill.  Single pane windows waste about 10 to 25% when compared to energy efficient windows that are available today.  You can also save by installing awnings, screens, and shades around windows on your home.

10. Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips save you energy by reducing load from electronics that are switched off.  Studies estimate that 75% of the energy your electronics use is done while they are sitting in standby mode.  Your smart power strip can be set to shut off automatically by remote switches, when inactive, or even when the main item is turned off, such as the TV.

11. Low Energy Light Bulbs

Let there be light, but let it be bright and much cheaper.  LED bulbs use anywhere between 25 to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs!  Better yet they last 25 times longer.  So, you’ll be saving electricity, lowering your bill, and not having to break out the ladder to replace bulbs again any time soon.

12. Adjust Daily Routines

Don’t underestimate the importance of your habits on your electricity bill.  Simply by remembering to shut off lights, turn off appliances and electronics will help cut your electricity bill.  You can also choose to wash your dishes and dry by hand or even dry your clothes without the use of a power sucking dryer.  You can also learn to use less cooling and heating in your home to save money.

Duct Sealing & Insulation Service

Barrier Insulation provides insulation removal, installs new upgraded insulation, offers duct sealing, and attic ventilation to help you save energy and cut your bill.  How much you can save depends on how well equipped your home.  Find out how much you can save by calling our team today 602-499-2922.

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