Attic Decontamination

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Whether the decontamination is for mold or pest infestation it will help with cleaner air in your home! And significantly lowers your chances of a re-infestation! This also helps keep the structural integrity of your home’s attic safe!

Cleaning up after an infestation of rodents is not as easy as it may seem.  If you’ve had animals living in your attic, then you’ve got everything they’ve left behind in your attic. This includes nesting material and debris that they’ve brought in, food they’ve hoarded, and most of all, the excrement, urine, hair, and body oils that they leave behind. Most wild animals are not clean. We have seen enough filthy attics to know this.

Raccoons will not only tear up your ducts and rip off your insulation paper, but they’ll often leave big mounds of droppings. Opossums just poop everywhere indiscriminately. Rodents such as rats and squirrels can produce up to 40 droppings a day, and scatter the pellets all throughout your attic. And all of these animals of course urinate as well. Rodent waste is also something you should be very cautious about. A number of diseases can be transmitted through contact with rodent droppings, Hantavirus being one of them.

Our Attic Decontamination Includes

  • Removing heavily soiled areas by hand.
  • Vacuuming the Small Feces….and possibly a good portion or all of your loose insulation!
  • Decontaminating the Attic by bleaching molds and enzyme treating pest areas.
  • Full Insulation Replacement.

Barrier Insulation Offers Attic Decontamination in Phoenix and sourounding areas.

Our attic decontamination experts have years of experience helping decontaminate your home or business. Contact us for an estimate.