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How does Radiance Work?

Radiance™ E-0.25 is a low-e barrier applied to the underside of roof decks. When applied as a thin, even coat, it creates an effective barrier that stops potential radiant heat transfer. On hot summer days, the sun transfers its heat to the roof exterior, which seeks the cool interior of the home. The roof heat is transferred as radiant energy from the underside of the untreated roof deck and down to the ceiling insulation. The insulation may initially resist much of the heat, but it will inevitably transfer down increasing the temperature of the living space of a home.

What Radiance can do For You?

The addition of Radiance™ E-0.25 to your projects will provide you with a competitive edge, increasing your profits by expanding your product offering and creating a package solution. Radiance™ can quickly and easily be applied by spray, roller or brush for 100% seamless coverage in just a single coat.

Radiance Low-E Paint

Radiance® is the first low-e paint formulated to provide more thermal comfort, lower heating and cooling costs, and a simple, affordable alternative to remodeling for rooms with inconsistent temperatures. Like a radiant heating system, Radiance takes advantage of the comfort-enhancing and conservation attributes of radiant energy, and delivers an important thermal advantage over other paint products.

Need to Add Value to your Services?

At BASF, we can help. Radiance™ E-0.25 is quick and easy to apply, simply creating a complete package for your customers. BASF’s radiant barrier coating provides value to homeowners by reducing energy costs and increasing occupant comfort.Using a spray applied barrier, like Radiance,™ provides a number of cost benefits over other types of radiant barriers. The low material cost and ease of application reduces labor. Radiance™ can be applied easily without the complexity of navigating difficult-to-access attic spaces.

Residential Homes in Phoenix can Benefit Greatly from Radiance™

Schedule Radiant Barrier Installation

If you live in the Phoenix valley and would like to enjoy lower energy bills all year long give Barrier Insulation a call and get the process started. We can help you evaluate the condition of your current insulation, help you get your traditional insulation up to par if necessary and add a radiant barrier to help lower your energy bills. Call us today at 602-499-2922.