Radiant Barrier Foil Installation

If you’re searching for radiant barrier foil installers, Barrier Insulation Inc. can help!  Hot summers are no secret in the Phoenix Valley so insulating your home is paramount to keep your cooling costs down.  Radiant barrier foil helps prevent your attic from overheating and transferring heat into your livable spaces.  It does this by reflecting the sun’s energy before it makes it into your attic.  We offer the very best radiant barrier products including the energy efficiency Enerflex radiant barrier insulation.

Radiant Barrier Foil Decreases Utility Bills

Enerflex Radiant Barrier reduces heat transfer by thermal radiation across the air space between your roof and the attic floor, where insulation is typically installed.

By installing Enerflex you can reflect up to 96% of the radiant heat energy from the sun back through your roof. As a result, your attic space is up to 30° cooler, which leads to a more comfortable and consistent temperature throughout your home.

Increase the Comfort of Your Home With Radiant Barrier Foil

The increased performance of your insulation and ductwork, and decreased workload on your air conditioner and other appliances means Enerflex Radiant Barrier foil will quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings. Foil types include Reflective Bubbles, Silver Shields, and Basic Radiant Foils.

Radiant Barrier Foils can Reflect up to 96% of the Radiant Heat Energy

Our radiant barrier foil is affordable, efficient, certified with Energy Star and can help quality for LEED green building certifications. In addition there are some tax credits available for installing EnerFlex.  Block 96% of the sun’s energy to help save money on cooling your home during our intense summers.  Radiant barrier foil works with your traditional attic insulation and is installed along gable walls, all vertical surfaces, and of course at your roof rafters.

Schedule Radiant Barrier Foil Installation

If you live in the Phoenix valley and would like to enjoy lower energy bills all year long give Barrier Insulation a call and get the process started. We can help you evaluate the condition of your current insulation, help you get your traditional insulation up to par if necessary and add a radiant barrier to help lower your energy bills. Call us today at 602-499-2922.