Attic Air Sealing

Phoenix Attic Air Sealing

If you’re searching for “Phoenix Attic Air Sealing” we can help!  Sealing your attic off and insulating pipes or vents in your attic helps conserve energy and save you money!  The air that is leaking into your attic through gaps and cracks is costing your money.  In summer the hot air heats the attic which transfers heat to your home.  Additionally if you have vents or pipes running through the attic they are affected by the temperature.  This forces your heating and cooling system to work harder to keep your home comfortable.  The more the AC or heater runs, the more you spend trying to stay comfortable.   Attic air sealing will help your home or office in Phoenix to stay more comfortable and help conserve energy.

Benefits of Attic Air Sealing in Phoenix

Even if your attic floor is filled with adequate insulation, seal air leaks around pipes and other openings to prevent waste of energy and money.

You probably think of your ceilings as solid surfaces, but the truth is that ceilings leak air into unfinished attic spaces through gaps and openings, such as around pipes and lighting fixtures.

Most people just add more insulation to their attic – this will not stop the escaping air.

The EPA estimates that the typical American home has enough leaks, holes and gaps to be equal to an open window every day of the year. That is significant.

Phoenix Attic Air Sealing

What Are the Largest Sources of Energy Loss?

While doors, windows, and walls contribute to air leaks they are not usually the largest source of energy loss.  The largest holes are typically hidden from our view and connect the house to the basement, crawl space, and attic.  For this reason the crawl space and attic insulation along with air sealing has the potential to save you significant energy!

While modern construction includes design features which help reduce this problem older homes need to have attics sealed to help conserve energy and save money.  This is done systematically by sealing off the largest air leaks to the smaller air leaks.

Simple Steps To Attic Air Sealing In Arizona

You will be able to spot leaks by finding dirty insulation.

Hot air rises and carries with it dust particles that find their way into your attic. Your insulation acts as a filter and traps this dirt.  This will be on insulation that sits on the attic floor. Places to look: the tops of walls, drilled electrical wire holes, electrical outlet boxes for lights, pipes, recessed lighting, bathroom vent fan, chimney flashing, dropped soffits over lighting, cabinets, and slanted stairway access. Every attic needs proper ventilation. We are not stopping the proper air exchange in the attic – we are only stopping the exchange between the house and the attic.

Phoenix Attic Air Sealing by the Professionals

There are benefits to having professional attic sealing done in Phoenix.

You need to seal the air in your conditioned living space from the unconditioned attic space.

Air leaking into your attic could be costing you money — up to 30% of a home’s heating and cooling energy is lost due to air leaks. That’s an annual $300 bite out of your wallet that you can prevent. Therefore, fixing air leaks is on par with insulating an attic as must-do attic tasks.

Barrier Insulation Offers Attic Air Sealing in Phoenix, and the Greater Phoenix Community.

Our attic air sealing experts have years of experience helping seal up your home for maximum comfort, energy savings and safety. Contact us for an estimate on your current duct sealing project or send us your plans for residential insulation projects.