Best Type of Home Insulation for Phoenix

Best Type of Home Insulation for Phoenix

Are you searching for the “Best Type Of Home Insulation” for Phoenix? This article covers the different options that work best in the Valley of the Sun. Manufacturers of insulation all have job to do and a product to sell.  This means that you’re going to hear a lot of voices telling you which is the superior insulation type.

It’s an important question to think about when considering the energy efficiency of your home.  Especially with rising energy costs and the intense summers we experience here in Phoenix. What’s needed to cut through all the chatter on the subject is unbiased examination of the different types of insulation.

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  1. Home Insulation Research & Development
  2. Spray Foam As The Simple Solution
  3. Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation
  4. Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation
  5. Knowledgeable Home Insulation Consumer
  6. Phoenix Home Insulation Installers

Home Insulation Research & Development

Building scientists have spent over 30 years studying how homes use and lose energy.  They’ve constructed enormous chambers to enclose walls and model homes so they could study the effects of heat, cold and wind.  Their research has delivered results that will save home owners hundreds of dollars on their energy costs year in and year out.

A fact of home ownership and the settling and aging of a home is that inevitably there will be holes, gaps and cracks.  These weak spots mean that our air conditioned and heated air is spilling right out and costing us money.  The US Dept of Energy found that the average home wastes over 30% of its conditioned air through these gaps and cracks.  In fact on a colder wintry day these effects are more apparent with the drafts blowing through our homes.

Clearly it’s more than simply R values that are going to solve the problem of these gaps and cracks wasting our hard earned money.  If air leaking out is the problem it makes sense that the best way to insulate your home is to create an air tight seal.  With strips of fiberglass insulation or panels clearly it’s not going to provide this air tight seal that we are looking for to achieve the best possible performance, and the best possible savings.

Spray Foam as the simple solution to a complex problem

Best Type of Home Insulation for Phoenix AZUsing a hose a machine distributes a combination of chemicals which mix together at the tip of the hose creating a paint like thick goo that sticks to everything it touches.  So those wires, ducts, pipes and uneven surfaces are effectively coated and sealed up air tight.

The foam begins to expand within seconds, trapping billions of tiny bubbles of gas.  It forms a uniformly even layer of insulation as it expands and ensures an air tight seal.  Precisely what insulation is meant to do, wouldn’t you agree?

Spray Foam Insulation Comes in Two Forms, Open and Close cell

Before choosing an option for your spray foam insulation it’s best to evaluate your requirements because the types have different applications and characteristics.

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix AZThe characteristic of closed-cell spray foam is that the cells or bubbles are tightly packed together and closed.  This means that closed-cell is stronger an much more dense than open-cell foam.  It will not allow air or water to pass through it.  This is due to the fact that the bubbles are much smaller because they are filled with a gas making them a better insulator as well.  In fact closed-cell insulation tops the charts with an astounding R-7 per inch!  Closed-cell spray foam is the option for the uncompromising home owner that demands the best performance from where they invest their hard earned money.

Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix AZA more affordable option for home owners is open-cell spray foam insulation.  Its name is derived from the fact that the bubbles or cells never completely close.  During expansion air gets trapped between the broken bubbles.  This characteristic of open-cell spray foam means that as heat tries to pass through the foam its slowed down by billions of tiny air pockets.  Because of this difference is structure it’s much softer than closed-cell spray foam.  The difference in the formation of the open-cell foam means that water can pass through them, which can be a bad or good thing depending on the application.  Open-cell foam rates at half the R value efficiency as its close foam competitor.

Knowledgeable Home Insulation Consumers

It’s critical to understand the differences between the spray foam variants. If you’re having a new home built or an existing structure improved you should be aware of the type of spray foam your contractor is recommending, or bidding for you.  The reason being is that open-cell foam is much less expensive, but as we have discussed it’s also less effective as an insulator.  Just be aware of this difference when taking in bids and make sure that you’re getting competitive bids for the same type of service.

One solution to get the benefits of both worlds is to combined both types of foam in your home.  A thinner than normal coating of closed-cell to start, which seals the gaps, holes and cracks and then a second coat with the open-cell to get your that excellent performance of the spray foam insulation.  This means that clients with a limited budget can still get the benefits of both without the cost of going with a full closed-cell cost.

Phoenix Home Insulation Installers

The experts at Barrier Insulation can help you make the best decision for your home and your budget. No matter your budget we can help you find an affordable solution that will make your home more comfortable and more energy efficient.

If you’ve got a few questions or would like to get started on saving money on your energy costs give a call at 602-499-2922 or submit a request with our Contact Form.

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  1. It sure got my attention when you said that there are two types of spray foam insulation and that it is best to evaluate the options first before choosing which one to go for. I will have to discuss this with my parents since they are the ones who have decided on going for a spray foam insulation. Anyway, they want the best kind or the type that will thoroughly seal every nook and cranny of the house. Hopefully, there is an option for that. Thank you.

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