Phoenix Spray Foam Insulation Review

Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix

If you are searching for “Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix” you’re probably looking for a great insulation company in the Phoenix valley. After a recent insulation project we had a client leave a very exciting and detailed account of working with Barrier Insulation. Read on to hear more about this customer’s experience with out company.

“Foaming at the mouth; workshop is almost working”

By : James Sanders 

Hi everyone,

We foamed today with insulation, a totally new experience for me, and maybe for some of our readers as well.  So, this posting will have a few more photos than we usually have.  You might find the subject interesting, and if not, that’s OK, too.  You can always delete before you read, and I will never know.  At any rate, Jeff Finley (Phoenix Contracting Services) recommended Rick from Barrier to insulate the structure.

Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix Truck

Jeff could not have recommended a better person.  The crew from Barrier came out, fully prepared.  The truck and trailer were parked at the front of our house and the foam was then pumped through a length flexible hose.  It was raining a little this morning.  Yes, that’s a jacaranda tree in our front yard.  That tree was given to me last year as a birthday present, given to me by my wife and daughter.  The tree survived the heated summer.  In the next photo, you will able to see the flexible hose used to pump the chemicals into the workshop.

Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix Hose

Over the river and through the woods, or so it seemed.  The workshop is in our backyard, and is not easily accessed from the street.  That is really what we wanted for the shop.  We would like to keep the noise level down and remain discreet, if we can.  Rick’s crew went right to work.  There is a lot of prep work that must be done before insulation can be pumped onto the structure.

Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix Site Preparation


In this photo, Miguel is making sure everything is protected that needs to be protected.  I had thought about using fiberglass batts, but Jeff Finley and my friend Mario told me, ‘That is not what you want to do.”  I am glad I listened to their advice.  Besides, Miss Pat wanted me to use foam, and so, that’s what I needed to do.  Happy wife, happy life.  Before you scroll further, take a look at the walls.  This photo will be part of a before and after series.

Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix Equipment & Foam Quality Check


Here Miguel is checking the pressure and texture of the foam before he puts on his protective hood.  What I noticed was Miguel sprayed only a light layer over the surface, and then, the foam grew, filling itself with air.  You do not need to spray much, but you do need to be consistent.  Miguel was.  Here is a shot of Miguel in his protective gear.

Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix Even Application


As you can see, the foam fills the cavity completely.  Later the foam on the walls is cut back to prepare for drywall.  While Miguel sprayed, Mario from Barrier began cutting and shaping the walls.  The job lasted for quite a long time, but when the crew had finished, there was plenty to crow about.

Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix Installed & Trimmed

In this photo, you can make out how the finished product actually looks.  There is a definitive sound quality to the foam, too.  Hopefully, the machinery will not be loud enough to disturb a neighbor as well as keep me cool in the hot days of summer.  In the next photo, you can see how the windows are now surrounded with foam; every cavity.

Spray Foam Insulation Phoenix Fully Cavity Filling

In the next few photos, you can make out the cupola and its structure.  The cupola is very large and should help the cupola provide upward ventilation as well as ample headroom.  At least, such is the theory.

Cupola Spray Foam Insulation Installation


The massive size of the cupola can be seen.  The border of fir on the lower part of the cupola is for rope lights, hopefully providing a dramatic look from the outside, as well as offering good lighting within.  The two circles are for the port lights on the cupola walls, west and east elevation.  The port lights are from an actual boat.  The nautical ambiance is beginning to show.

Port Lights Spray Foam Insulation Installation

Here is the last photo with the port lights easily discernible.  Along the walls, the foam is the thickness of the 2×4 dimensional lumber.  At the underside of the roof, the foam varies from 5 to 7 inches, depending on the scope and pitch of the roof.  Everything looks great, and the sound reduction is amazing.  Our next adventure is drywall, and we may be able to begin with that phase as early as Saturday morning.  Well, such as it is.  Thanks for going on the tour with us.

Phoenix Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

Insulation plays a very important role in keeping Phoenix homes comfortable and saving energy. Getting the job done right the first time is critical for the quality of spray foam insulation. Hiring the right spray foam insulation contractor that has the right training, experience, and skills will ensure that you get the best installation possible.  Whether you are working on a new build project or want to remove old insulation and upgrade, we can help. To get your project started simply give us a call at 602-499-2922 or submit a request with our Contact Form.

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  1. I didn’t know that contractors should always use spray foam. I also like how yous aid that they should be experienced. My house needs insulation, and we are looking into spray foam trailers.

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