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What Is Climate Pro® Insulation?

Johns Manville Formaldehyde-freeTM Climate Pro blow-in loose- fill fiberglass insulation is a premium alternative to cellulose. It‘s blown into attics, nonconforming spaces and hard-to-reach areas, like corners, edges and around framing. When it’s applied to the recommended thickness and specifications, it improves energy efficiency. And unlike cellulose, it won’t settle, decay or provide food for animals or microbes. It’s effective for the life of the home.

  • Attics – can be installed up to a R-70 over 1?2“ (13 mm) ceiling drywall without exceeding ceiling weight limits.
  • Nonconforming Spaces – insulation sprays out of the hose several feed, filling in large areas and small gaps quickly and completely.
  • Wall cavities – can be installed in walls using the netted blow-in applications.

Climate Pro® Fiberglass Installation

Equipment for JM Climate Pro insulation installation is engineered for professional use. Contact your local JM sales representative for an authorized contractor.

Recommended Storage and Transport

Store insulation indoors. Keep insulation clean and dry at all times. When transporting, cover completely with a waterproof tarpaulin as necessary.

Specification Compliance – Climate Pro Insulation

  • ASTM C764, Type I
  • Surface Burning Characteristics (ASTM E84 and CAN/ULC S102.2)
    • Flame Spread 25 or less
    • Smoke Developed 50 or less:
  • Critical Radiant Flux (ASTM E970): Greater than 0.12 W/cm2 (0.11 Btu/ft2•s)
  • Combustible Characteristics (ASTM E136): Pass
  • Water Vapor Sorption (ASTM C1104): 5% or less by weight
  • Odor Emission (ASTM C1304): Pass
  • Corrosiveness (ASTM C764): Pass
  • Fungi Resistance (ASTM C1338): Pass
  • VOC Emissions (ES Section 01350): Pass

Climate Pro Performance Advantages

Formaldehyde-Free: Will not off-gas formaldehyde in the indoor environment.
Thermally Efficient: Provides effective resistance to heat transfer. Unlike cellulose products, JM Climate Pro insulation does not settle, for no loss of R-value after installation.
Sound Control: Reduces transmission of sound through exterior and interior walls, and floor and ceiling assemblies for superior sound control.
Fire Resistant and Noncombustible: See Specification Compliance.
Noncorrosive: Does not accelerate corrosion of pipes, wiring or metal studs.
Resilient Inorganic Glass Fibers: Cannot rot, mildew, or otherwise deteriorate.
Easy to Install: Quickly insulates attics or spaces of any size or shape without cutting or fitting.
Complete coverage: Effective in tight spaces, areas with large amounts of cross-bridging or areas with small gaps and voids.

Phoenix Blown Wool Insulation Installation

If you are ready to retrofit or weatherize your Phoenix home or business Barrier Insulation is ready with the most professional, skilled, and friendly team of insulation contractors in the Phoenix metro area. We are proud to feature Insulsafe® SP Blowing Wool Insulation as part of our insulation options for both residential and commercial buildings. Contact our team to ask a question or schedule a visit to talk about the best insulation options to reduce energy bills and make your home more comfortable. For quick connection please call 602-499-2922.