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Why Do I Need Garage Insulation?

When you’re searching “Garage Door Insulation”, “Garage Wall Insulation”, or “Garage Ceiling Insulation” near Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere else in the valley Barrier Insulation can help!

We proudly offer Arizona residents the ability to complete their home’s insulation solution and make the garage a more useful and yearlong comfortable space.

Benefits of Garage Insulation

There are 4 main benefits for insulating your garage in the Phoenix Valley.  When your garage is kept cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter you will be able to use it more and your home will stay comfortable without using more AC or heat.

  • Helps keep the whole home cooler
  • Makes it possible to work in the garage year round
  • Keeps the garage and home quieter
  • Helps lower utility bills
  • Vehicles stay a more comfortable temperature
  • Better climate controlled storage

When your garage is more comfortable you will also get more use than simply storage.  Many Arizona residents have hobbies like woodworking, welding, and love working on their own vehicles. Whether you use your garage for something as simple as changing your own oil or doing an engine overhaul to building wood furniture or just want to convert your garage into a living space insulation keeps you comfortable in the cold and more importantly the heat of the Phoenix Valley.

Garage Door Insulation

Garage doors are many times sold and installed without insulation.  This means that the heat or cold from outdoors can radiate through the door with relative ease, heating your garage and making it unpleasant to spend time in it.  Barrier Insulation techs can retrofit your garage door with custom fit foam board insulation panels which will help keep the heat where it belongs, outside!

Garage Ceiling Insulation

Many homes garage ceilings were not insulated and allow a lot of heat into your home’s garage.  To give you the most energy saving solution we offer garage ceiling insulation.  For the ceiling of your garage we install R-Max insulation products. R-Max provides incredible thermal efficiency by combining the advantages of radiant foil and foam board into one thermal solution. It also adds structural integrity and a barrier for air and water leaks.  This energy efficient all in one solution leaves your garage comfortable for many more days a year.

Garage Wall Insulation

Your garage walls may very well be sheetrocked, finished, and painted yet have no insulation whatsoever. Barrier Insulation can use a “drill and fill” method of wall insulation which adds the insulating layer you need to keep your garage cooler and more comfortable.  You can fill your walls with your selection of blown in loose fill, fiberglass, or spray foam insulation.  Each have their or insulating advantages for cost and performance.

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