Duct Sealing

Duct sealing is another energy saving step for homes and businesses alike.  Ducting running through your home carries the cooled and heated air to keep you comfortable.  In a lot of homes in Arizona the ducting passes through the attic.  Attic temperatures reach 140° or more during the summer which plays havoc on AC system ducting.

If your ducts are leaking it can mean that up to 30% of your conditioned air isn’t making it to the rooms in your home.  Instead it is leaking out into your attic, under floors, or inside walls.  With your cooled or heated air leaking into your attic your AC unit or heater must work overtime to keep you comfortable.  It uses more energy than needed which costs you more money each and every month.  Our mastic duct sealing service seals up the leaks in your duct work.  The air from your AC unit and heater will make it to your rooms instead of some of it spilling out and being wasted.

What Symptoms Point To Leaking Ducts?

There are some leaking duct signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for.  Homes that have rooms that don’t get cooled or heated point to leaking ducts spilling the air out before getting to the rooms.  Rooms that are also excessively dusty or feel stuffy also point to dust being pulled into your air ducts and pushed into your rooms.   Also keep an eye out for insulation that has discolored or dark areas.  It’s evidence that air is blowing against them and causing this effect.  If you also notice that your ductwork is getting dirty much to quickly it’s a sign that debris is getting into your system.  While some of it stays in the ducts where you see it, much of it blows into home’s rooms.  This ruins the air quality and is simply wasting money.

Benefits of Duct Sealing in Phoenix

Lower Energy Bills

These leaks mean losing as much as 30% of your system’s efficiency. Many times sealing and insulating the ducts will increase efficiency and lower the energy bill so much that having the duct sealing done will pay for itself.

Safeguard The Environment

In addition to having lower bills, using less energy also helps burn less fossil fuels. The fossil fuels we use to power many of our power plants produce smog and pollutants. These pollutants lead to climate change and acid rain. The truth is if we use less energy in our homes we save money, require less energy, and in turn we lower demand on the power plants that produce some of the pollution. We can achieve this simply by making our homes more efficient with better insulation and duct sealing.

More Comfortable

Many of us have had that room in the house where it’s always the wrong temperature. It’s too hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. This can happen because there are gaps or leaks along the way to that room in the house. This means that air leaks out of the duct system and leaves that room too hot or cold. Sealing the ducts will help with keeping all the rooms in the house more comfortable.

Safer Homes

Sealing your ducts can help with the potential for backdrafting dangerous carbon monoxide emissions from your home. If you have natural gas appliances like gas furnaces, gas water heaters, or gas clothing dryers you home regularly needs to expel the carbon monoxide through ventilation systems. Leaky ductwork can mean that some of this carbon monoxide can be sucked back into the house.

Indoor Air Quality

In addition to the carbon monoxide there are other chemicals outside your home that leaky ductwork can draw in. Things used in lawn fertilizer, garden chemicals, and even the pollen and other allergens can get drawn into your home’s heating and air conditioning system without the proper duct sealing.

Simple Steps To Duct Sealing In Arizona

Many home owners realize the importance of duct sealing. The energy savings alone is enough to launch most people off the couch and onto the computer to look for simple duct sealing solutions. Some home owners are big DIY people and want to get it done themselves. A simple way to start is to get some metal tape, or mastic sealant and find all the duct areas you can access. Many times home owners can get to ducts in garages, unfinished basements, or crawlspaces.

In other cases the duct work is concealed and hidden behind walls, in very hard to reach places, or just difficult or dangerous spots to reach. This is where your local Phoenix duct sealing professionals can step in and help you.

Professional Phoenix Duct Sealing

There are multiple benefits to having professional duct sealing done in Phoenix.

• Air Balancing

A lot of older systems were designed before we understood the ratios necessary to efficiently run our air condition units. This can mean that the air return ducts are too small for the amount of air the registers are putting into the house. This just means that the system is fighting itself and can’t “breathe” as easy.

• Full System Duct Inspection

One big reason its helps to have a professional is that they will inspect the entire duct system. From the basement, to the crawlspaces and even the attic the whole house will be checked.

• Duct Repair

During the inspection many times section of duct are found where they have been bumped, tangled or even crushed. Having a professional inspection finds these issues and gets them repaired. A disconnected or crushed section is either restricting air flow or is completely leaking your conditioned air and wasting your money.

• Professional Duct Sealing

Professionals seek to find every joint and connection and use mastic, aerosol based sealant or metal tape to seal your ducts. With years experience they know where to look and how to apply these sealants to get the job done the right way, the first time.

• Sealing Registers

The registers are the little grills that the air comes out of. Many times they can also be loose or bleeding air into the walls, ceiling or floor they are installed in. Professional duct sealing includes sealing up all the registers and air return grills to make sure that the system is keeping the air in the living area, and not losing it into the voids in our homes.

• Duct Insulation

In areas of our homes that are not climate controlled insulation can be applied to our ducts. That means that in our attics, garages, or crawlspaces the air traveling through these ducts can stay cool or hot depending on the season.

• New Home Filters

Most contractors will take this opportunity to ensure that the system is running correctly and replace our home’s air filter. This will help to make sure that your home’s air quality is as good as it can be and help to cut down on any residual allergens that might be in your system.

• Backdraft Testing

Professional duct sealing contractors can also help ensure that the sealing has been effective in keeping the carbon monoxide and other dangerous airborne chemicals out of your home’s heating and air conditioning system.

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