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Achieving Proper Attic Insulation

During the summer months attics are traditionally viewed as a sweat boxes sitting above our ceilings. Attics can have extremely high temperatures when they are not shielded with proper insulation. Your attic doesn’t have to be an elevated oven every summer, however. If you have an audit performed by a professional energy efficiency consultant, the deficiencies in your attics insulation will be documented and pointed out. The auditor will also suggest ways that you can address the inefficiencies and present various solutions for you to consider.

One area they may find to be an inefficiency is having your soffits covered by insulation material. The reason this is a problem is because it restricts air flow in and out of your attic, in effect trapping the hot air in your attic and keeping it in a static state. This will definitely cause your attic to heat up to extreme temperatures as hot air compounds on hot air. This steady rise in temperature can damage your belongings by melting certain components or causing contents of canisters etc to expand, possibly to the point of explosion. This will make your home exponentially harder to cool during the summer months and your attic will be unbearable to spend any time in. People utilize attics for different reasons, some of which involve large stretches of time spent on the top level of your home.

Installing baffles is a great way to help ventilate your attic. Baffles are vent chutes that promote the flow of air through your attic, helping to circulate the air which keeps it cooler. This will also help prevent the growth of mold. If moisture exists in an environment with static, warm air, mold can begin to grow. If you have an unchecked mold growth occurring in your attic, you are at risk for several mold related health issues. Experiencing a mold bloom can not only damage your immune system, it can damage your home to the point where the property value drops or even having the home itself condemned.

An attic ventilation fan can do a lot to help avoid mold problems and circulate the air in your attic. If baffles or any other ventilation measures are installed, their effect the circulation of air in your attic will be augmented, which will lead to an attic that is exponentially cooler during the summer months when it is usually unbearable to pay your attic a visit.

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