How Long Does Insulation Last?

How Long Does Insulation Last?

Electricity isn’t cheap and if you have an older home you might be wondering if your insulation is helping at all.  Lots of things degrade and wear out over time which leaves homeowners asking, “How long does insulation last?”  Does insulation fall apart and degrade over time?  It is important to for property and homeowners to know what condition the insulation is in.  This avoids unnecessarily high utility bills.

Insulation Longevity

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors explain that most types of insulation will last up to or more than 100 years!  However that longevity depends on a few factors.  If the insulation has be poorly installed, compromised by water, or ruined by pests in the attic it will be less effective, or not effective at all.

Factors That Damage Insulation

Insulation only lasts for 100 years when it is in perfectly ideal conditions.  Most of us know that life and accidents happen and insulation can be damaged and rendered less effective, or not effective at all.  Here are some of the common issues homeowners have that ruins insulation and requires insulation removal and insulation replacement.

Water Damage

Roofs leak.  They leak when they are not cared for and maintained but also when there are storms or damage from trees.  If a tree loses a branch and it hits the roofing water will leak into your roof and damage your insulation.  It can compress the fibers or knock the insulation out of place.


If water is left too long it will mean that it can stagnate and form mold.  Molds that form in homes can lead to respiratory issues and it means that the insulation isn’t doing its job anymore.  When insulation develops mildew or mold it needs to be removed and replaced.  This means your home will have better air quality and insulation.

Punctured Insulation

Things that come through the roof or when work is done on the roof insulation layers can be punctured.  When air can get through it means the insulation cannot do its job.  This can be punctured spray foam insulation , torn paper on batts, or other types of puncture problems.

Falling Down

Insulation that is installed upside down in attics, ceilings, or crawl spaces is notorious for falling out of place. The paper backing is stapled into place, but it is common after 15 or 20 years for it to fall out of place.  Depending on the condition of the insulation homeowners may be able to staple it back into place.  If the paper backing is too damaged or the insulation has become wet or moldy it should be removed and replaced.


Older blown in or loose fill insulation tends to settle over time and not fill the walls or attics it was installed in.  R-Value is calculated per inch.  If the insulation has settled and is no longer 6 or 8 inches deep as it was when it was installed it means that it isn’t as effective.  This means that sections might simply have no insulation at the top areas and heat is getting through.  Newer types of loose fill insulation such as Knauf EcoFill Blowing Woold Insulation is environmentally friendly and does not settle.

Dirty Insulation

The places that insulation is installed in does not always stay clean or dust free.  When excessive dust or debris settles on insulation it causes it to compress and lose effectiveness.  If the loose fill insulation in your attic has layers of dust, dirt, or other debris it is reducing the thermal performance and needs to be removed and replaced.

Phoenix Valley Insulation Removal & Replacement

If your home is insulated but doesn’t feel like it during the hot Arizona summers or cooler days of winter Barrier Insulation is here to help.  We offer insulation inspect, insulation removal, and installation replacement.  We can retrofit homes with better insulation in the walls, attic, floors, ceilings, and crawl spaces. Our goal is always to provide insulation services that are long lasting, provide greater comfort, and help reduce utility bills.

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