Window Insulation For Winter

Window Insulation For Winter Phoenix AZ

It has cooled off significantly here in the Phoenix valley for the year. We have a couple of months before we can expect warm summer nights. That leaves a portion of us with single pane windows, or even simply drafty windows. This lets out the warm air from out heater and old man winter can creep in and raise our energy bills. Window insulation for winter helps keep you comfortable, and keeps the bills down.

Window Insulation Options

There are 4 great ways you can stop your windows from being the weak link in your home’s winter warming program.

Window Film

Hardware stores and online retailers sell film that can be installed to the indoor window frame. A gap of air is the insulator in this case as it takes time for thermal variances to occur. The film is typically attached with double sided tape and goes up with a bit of a wrinkle to it. The wrinkles are “ironed out” using a hair dryer. This process of applying some heat causes the film to shrink and removes the wrinkles.

Pros – Inexpensive and effective.

Cons – Window can look cloudy and shrink wrapped.

Rubber Seals

Older windows are typically made with metal frames. These frames to slide without strenuous effort were made with some gaps. Over time the metal can become bent and the window is loose in the frame. This means there are larger gaps letting in a draft that should be shored up. Rubber seals are made to stop these drafts. Homeowners can buy these rubber seals, cut them to length, and apply them around the frame and anywhere they feel a draft coming in.

Pros – Inexpensive, effective, no cloudy looking windows.

Cons – Can damage paint when removed, may leave a sticky residue.

Shades, Drapes & Curtains

Well fitted shades, drapes or curtains can also help insulate your windows. Simply having a material that is pulled across the window opening during the night can help retain heat inside your home and keep you more comfortable. Curtains are made specifically for insulating purposes. Layering standard drapes and curtains can also add some insulating properties and help keep the cold out.

Pros – They can be opened whenever you want natural light and be matched your interior design

Cons – They are a larger investment compared to seals and film.

Draft Snakes

Window sills are common areas for homes and apartments to have drafts. They tend to direct the cold air right down next to windows. These are common areas for sofas, loveseats, and beds. Draft snakes are simply large fabric tubes that are filled with dried rice or other filling and laid on the window seals, or sometimes under doors. Having these tubes by windows helps slow the transfer of drafty cold air into the living spaces.

Pros – Inexpensive and you can even make them yourself.

Cons – Does nothing to stop drafts in the frame or thermal transfer through the glass itself.

Phoenix Insulation Contractors

If you have a home in the Phoenix area there is a good chance that it was designed to have intentional drafts that were used for evaporative cooling during the summers. If insulating your windows doesn’t seem to stop your winter time drafts you need to have these gaps shored up. Our insulation inspectors and professional insulation contractors can come and find the source of your drafts and help you come up with a plan to make your home more comfortable, and use less energy. Give us a call today at either 602-499-2922 or .

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