Attic Insulation Installation Cost
Written by Barrier Insulation Inc

How Much Does Attic Insulation Installation Cost?

The average attic insulation installation cost in 2019 is $915 according to HomeAdvisor. Depending on the price of the materials used for insulation costs range between $665-$1,165. This cost includes material and labor cost for professional installation.

An R-value of 30 is recommended as the minimum value for efficiency when your attic is being insulated. The advantage of an R-Value of 30 helps you to achieve optimum thermal efficiency. Therefore expenses are reduced to cooling and heating your home. A professional can do an expert job of a blow-in insulation. As most attics are large, open spaces, the process is usually a straight forward procedure for the professional who can do perform the job completely and thoroughly in a short period of time.

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