How Much Is the Average Radiant Barrier Price?
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How Much Is the Average Radiant Barrier Price?

A radiant barrier is a metallic, foil-like material that is used to block heat away from the home. Typically, when installed, this foil is implemented in the attic to prevent any extra heat from entering and leaving the home. According to professionals, radiant barriers can be more effective in hotter weather, as opposed to cold seasons. Radiant barriers can also reduce your cooling prices in the home by up to 10% in warm weather conditions. Here’s a check at how much the average radiant barrier price is on today’s market.

Radiant Barrier Costs

A roll of this material can range anywhere from 10-25 cents per square foot. This is limited to a single-sided radiant barrier only, though. For an attic, typically about 1,500 square feet, total costs range from $150-$400. If you are looking for double-sided radiant barriers, this can cost around 15-50 cents per square foot. Keep in mind that if you are buying smaller quantities, the materials can be pricier, from 75 cents to $1 per square foot. When installing this it can easily be a job you accomplish on your own for lower rates.

Some surveys show installation rates can cost anywhere from 10 cents to $1 per square foot. The higher rates for the service typically boil down to the company chosen to perform the installation. The average price for a 1,500 square-foot attic starts at roughly $300 to $500 for single side-based materials. When it comes to higher quality double-sided materials, this can range from $600 to $2,000. If it is installed along the flooring of your attic this can be a lot more cost-effective, compared to a project where you have to attach the barrier to your attic roof. Any installation will be much cheaper if the home is undergoing brand new construction.

Discounts on Radiant Barriers

If a radiant barrier was installed in 2009 with the intention of insulating your home, you may qualify for a $1,500 federal tax credit to apply towards 30% of the materials’ price. This is not included for any additional installation rates. To make a claim for this credit, you will need your receipt and a statement from the manufacturer. If you need help or have any questions about how to get a radiant barrier installed, don’t hesitate to call Barrier Insulation today!

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Does Attic Radiant Barrier Work?
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Does Attic Radiant Barrier Work | Is It Worth It?

If you’re searching for “does attic radiant barrier work” or “is radiant barrier worth it” this article will help.  Radiant barrier is a home insulation type that is focused on reducing summer heat gain.  Unlike traditional thick layers of insulation radiant barrier is a thin reflective material.  This thin reflective material is designed to bounce the sun’s heat away from your home instead of allowing your attic to absorb the heat and pass it into your home.

Does Attic Radiant Barrier Work?

With new types of technology and approaches to keep homes comfortable it’s natural to wonder if attic radiant barrier works.  It isn’t the time tested fiberglass rolls of pink insulation.  These thin highly reflective layers aren’t designed to slow heat transfer, they reflect it away before it radiates into your attic and home. Whether radiant barrier will work and keep your energy costs down depends on how its installed, if it’s allowed to get layers of dust, and what your current insulation situation is.

Is Radiant Barrier Worth It?

The sun is going to shine and in hot climates keeping homes cool is serious business.  The sun’s energy hits your roof with 250 BTUs per square foot. That means that a roof that’s 48 square feet 12,000 BTU’s of heat are trying to find a way into your home.  To keep your home cool with that kind of heat coming in your AC unit has to put out 1 ton of air conditioned air!

Laboratories at the Department of Energy have conducted studies on radiant barrier and have found that the biggest savings is found when your home has HVAC or duct work in the attic.  Virtually all air handling equipment and ducts have some air leaks.  As air passed through the ducts it can pull super heated  air in with your cooled air making your system work harder.  Keeping the attic cooler by blocking the radiant heat will reduce it’s temperature by 20 to 35 degrees!  When your attic stays cooler the HVAC unit or ducts will be able to keep your home comfortable without using excessive amounts of electricity.  This is all engineered to help reduce energy consumption and save you money!

Most Effective Radiant Barrier Installation

Where you put your radiant barrier will have an impact on how well it works over time.  Many homeowners are tempted to try to save money and lay it directly on the attic floor.  While this may take less time it also allows for excessive dust to collect which reduces the radiant barriers ability to reflect the light and heat.

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