Solar Attic Fan
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Solar Attic Fans – Pros and Cons

When you are searching the web for “solar attic fans pros and cons,” keep reading about them. Solar attic fans are overheard fans that helps in circulating your attic’s air being powered exclusively by the sun. There are different pros and cons to installing these fans to your home or business.

Solar Attic Fan Pros

These fans have pros to them. Below are a few.

Runs On Solar Energy

Since these fans are sun powered, they are significantly less costly than most traditional fans. Meaning you are not going need any additional power from your house or business to run these fans. Electricity cost savings and being environmentally friendly are only 2 reasons why solar attic fans are becoming popular.

Cools Down Your Attic

Another pro in the solar attic fan list is the fact that these are going to considerably cool down your attic area. Cooling down your attic is then going to translate in keeping the whole house cooler. The hotter air that is expelled of the attic – the more hot air that is expelled of the home in overall. Solar attic fans are also known for keeping the attic area clear of any dangerous dirt or dust. Keeping the home’s temperature lower is going to help you save expenses on cooling costs down the road.

Less Costly Than Full Ventilation Systems

Solar attic fans are usually less expensive and are easier to install than a total ventilation system. These solar attic fans take less time and a much less intrusive installation.

Solar Attic Fan Cons

These fans have cons to them. Below are a few.

More Costly Than Motor Powered Attic Fans

Because solar attic fans are more new and use more technology for blowing hot air out of the attic area, they come with a bigger price tag. They are also more expensive for installation than a common motor-powered fan. The energy savings with these fans are going too far outweigh the higher installations expenses over time, though.

Not As Powerful As Motor Powered Attic Fans

Motor powered fans are more powerful than solar types since they use electricity. Despite the fact that using electricity is going to cost more to operate than relying on our sun. Therefore, even when motor powered fans push out more air, the added costs do not make this a long-term investment.

Needs Sun To Operate Effectively

This is basically the only chancy part of owning and using a solar attic fan. If you live in an area with little sunlight, your fan is not going to operate effectively. Other areas, like Phoenix, Arizona, provide an ideal amount of sunlight for these fans to run.

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