Basement Insulation
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Basement Insulation

Basements can be tricky to insulate as they are most often cooler than the rest of the house and higher levels of moisture are more prevalent. Read on to learn more.

It is quite common to see walls that re wood framed tight against the concrete with the cavities made by the wood filled with fiberglass insulation that also rests against the concrete. This overlooks the fact the concrete has a very high level of moisture and can easily lead to issues with mold. Concrete is porous and therefore you have to work forward on the assumption the concrete is in a state of saturation when it comes to insulating your basement walls.

Insulation Materials

Insulation products made from foam are ideal for basements. Let’s look at some of the options.

Spray Foam

The premier choice. Its closed cell nature makes it ideal for keeping water vapor away. Benefits of spray foam include structural stability, covers wires, utilities and pipes and gives great R values. The downside is it is very expensive and the insulation causes a great deal of mess.

Foam Board

Foam board is very popular but be sure to check out the R value of any board you are using for maximum efficiency. You have to choose the right thickness of board to ensure it seals properly so it is effective against vapor. Depending on local building codes you may need board that is two to four inches thick.

Foam And Fiberglass Insulation

This should not be used if you ever have a history of water leaks or water getting into the basement. In basic terms you install a layer of foam board, then frame a wall before installing fiberglass insulation in the stud cavities. You need to keep an eye to get the correct R value. Some people do not recommend this method but it has been done successfully in the past.

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