Cheap Ways To Cool A Room
Written by Barrier Insulation Inc

Keeping A Cold House Warm

In winter time, heating bills can become more burdensome but there are ways to help keeping a cold house warmr and they do not have to be expensive read on to learn some solutions.

  • Set timers on heating. It is a myth that it is bets to keep the heating on all day long. Switch it on earlier if it is very cold as opposed to just turning up the theromstat to warm the house quickly.
  • Check the insulation you have in your house and maybe have a pfoessional visit to offer some advice of how it can be improved. In the medium term it may be a good idea to budget for additional insulation in the future.
  • Speaking of insulation do not forget your loft or attic. Altohugh it often contains insulation, there may be hatches or gaps or even small holes in the roof leading to cold and damp.
  • Covering bare floorboards is a good idea because they can cause you to lose about tem percent of your heat. If you do not have full carpeting, blankets and rugs can be used and you can even apply some filler to gaps or cracks in the floorboards.
  • Close the door in roomsthat ar enot frequently used as it will contain the existing heat in a smaller area.
  • Installing a shelf above a radiator can chanmnel warmth as it will prevent hot air from rising.
  • Ensure your radiators are clean and avoid putting large items of furniture in front of them.
  • Use a DIY draught excluder. A sausage dog style draught excluder should help stop heat from escaping from under doors.
  • If you have a mail slot in your front door, deal it when it is not being used and think about getting a key hole cover as well. These are very useful with wider and older keyhole styles.
  • If you are not using your chimney, consider a chimney baloon that is palced inside the chimney hole and prevents heat loss.

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