Shed Insulation
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Shed Insulation

Sheds have many uses these days and it may be helpful to have them insulated so they can be used in many different conditions. But you do need a sturdy prefab type shed to do this. Read on to learn more.

Insulated Shed Walls

One thing to consider is the usage of the shed as well as the climate. More elaborate insulation may be required if you keep, for example, lovestock in the shed as opposed to tools. Simiarly winter insulation will be of less importance in Arizona than in Alaska.

Air Barriers

An air barrier prevents outside air from getting inside the shed and prevents inside air from escaping to the outside. The shed is wrapped in the air barrier and them you put your choice of siding over the top. These layers will keep air out and should assist in maintaining the correct temperature. This option is not really suitable if you have fragile equipment unless you have a separate heating and cooling source.


Yellow or pink fiberglass is the most used kind of insulation. When the shed has studded walls this is simple to install between the studs and then you can cover the insulation with sheetrock or plywood. It also works as a vapor barrier and that assists in keeping humidity low. This is vital for wooden sheds to prevent warping.

Foam Board

This is a cheaper kind of insulation and would be ideal in some climates for keeping livestock but you will want to ensure animals cannot get into it as it is shiny.

Roof Insulation

If you insulate your shed roof, be sure to leave ventilation space, especially in heated insulated sheds. Condensation will form without adequate ventilation when the heat rises. This can lead to mold growth and rotting of wood.

Floor Insulation

Insulating the floor of your shed, especially a vapor or air barrier, can make a great deal of difference in the effectiveness of protection the shed provides.

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