Spray Foam Insulation Costs
Written by Barrier Insulation

How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

The average cost for spray foam insulation is $2,000 dollars based on a 1000 sq ft home. *These are not our actual costs. Contact Barrier Insulation to get an actual quote today. The cost for spray foam insulation installation is lower for smaller areas and higher for larger homes.  If you’re thinking about saving money by installing insulation, spray foam is one of the most popular and effective options.

Cost Of Spray Foam Insulation

The cost of spray foam insulation installation will also vary depending on if you’re planning to do your whole home, or just certain areas like the attic, exterior walls, or crawl space.  According to improvenet.com the average installation cost for spray foam insulation in the United States is $2,000. *These are not our actual costs. Contact Barrier Insulation to get an actual quote today. This cost includes many new build homes that don’t require insulation removal or any demolition to install new insulation.  For older homes that want to remove old insulation and install new spray foam insulation in the whole home, attic, walls, or crawl space the costs are higher.

Spray Foam Insulation Areas

There are various areas of your home or business that can benefit from the addition of spray foam insulation.  Spray foam insulation has the superior insulating properties like other insulators, But goes further to seal up air leaks.  This keeps your home more comfortable without  having to run the AC or heat all night and day.  The less you need your HVAC the more your save!

Attic Insulation

The attic is one of the primary areas that need to be insulated to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.  As heat hits your roofing it heats up and transfers the heat into your attic.  Spray foam insulation installed in your attic will slow the heat transfer, keep your attic cooler, and reduce strain on AC ducts running through the area.

Exterior Wall Insulation

The walls of your home whether it’s brand new or years old play a big role in your home’s comfort.  The sun heats them along with gaps and cracks allowing air to move through them to and from the outdoors.  Having spray foam added will make rooms more comfortable and help save you money!

Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are the hollow areas under some homes in the valley.  They exist to allow technicians like plumbers access under the home to do their work.  Installing spray foam in the crawl space will help keep floors more comfortable and seal up gaps and cracks that cause drafts in your home.

Whole Home

Homeowners wanting to get the maximum effect and savings from installing insulation choose to get their whole home insulated.  Spray foam is the premium and most effective insulation type for nearly all areas of your home.  It is best to be installed in new build or during remodeling that involves the tearing down of sheetrock and removal of old insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation Cost Factors

Every home and business is a different size, layout, age, and quality of construction.  This variety of conditions makes it impossible to give a “one-size-fits-all” cost for spray foam insulation.  Homes that are smaller cost less than bigger homes and projects that only have the attic insulated cost less than whole home spray foam insulation.

Area Being Insulated

The bigger the area being insulted, the more spray foam will be used, and the longer it will take a crew to properly install.  This has a direct correlation to the cost of the spray foam insulation installation project.

Type Of Spray Foam

There are two main types of spray foam insulation, open and closed cell.  Closed cell spray foam does have a higher insulation value, but also costs more.  Most homeowners choose to use open cell spray foam insulation.

Thickness Of Spray Foam Layer

The thicker the layer needed for your insulation project the more spray foam mixture will be needed.  The water blown product is mixed at the spray tip and comes from our truck.  The thicker the layer the most it will cost.

Brand Of Spray Foam

There are various brands of spray foam insulation.  Barrier Insulation proudly carries the top quality spray foam insulation brands.  We install the durable and long lasting Icynene spray foam insulation for our customers.

Material Being Sprayed Onto

Various types of material are either easier or harder to install spray foam insulation onto.  If spray foam is to be sprayed directly onto brick, vinyl, wood, or aluminum the prep and application may take more time which affects cost.

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