Are Solar Panels Worth It In Phoenix
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Best Reasons To Go Solar In Arizona

If you are searching for “reasons to go solar” in Arizona, we’re here to provide the top 8 reasons why now is the time to go solar!

Why Go Solar?

Here are just a few of the reasons why so many Arizona homeowners are choosing to go solar:

  • Arizona Has The Most Sunny Days In The U.S.
  • The State Will Help You Pay For Solar Panels
  • Federal Tax Credit
  • Lock In Utility Costs For The Next 25 Years
  • Solar Panels Increase Your Home’s Value
  • Inexpensive Solar Panel Installation
  • Lower Your Carbon Footprint
  • Arizona Has The Sunniest Cities In The Country

Keep reading for details on these benefits below.

1. Arizona Has The Most Sunny Days In The U.S.

According to BestPlaces, Arizona currently receives more than 299 sunny days. That is the most in country, even including the sunshine state of Florida. Since other energy sources like gas and oil are finite, solar power clearly has its advantages. Investing in solar panels today will save you a large amount of money in the future and add value to your home, at the same time!

2. The State Will Help You Pay For Solar Panels

The Arizona government offers solar tax incentives to individuals and businesses investing in solar panel systems. Known as the solar energy credit, this incentive can be worth nearly 25% of the cost of a solar panel device up to $1,000. The government credit can also be utilized for other systems, such as cooling, lighting and other electricity. This is the perfect incentive to take advantage of if you are looking to save money by going solar.

3. Federal Tax Credit

The federal government is offering tax credits to homeowners opting to go solar. These credits have been worth between 26-30% over the years, but change annually. Experts say homeowners who choose to go solar will save $25,000 over the next 25 years.

4. Lock In Utility Costs For The Next 25 Years

With solar panel installation, you have the ability to lock in your utility costs for the next quarter of a century. Utility rates are constantly going up and seemingly never coming back down. Take away the certainty of rising costs by investing in solar power today.

Utility Bills

5. Solar Panels Increase Your Home’s Value

In Arizona, adding solar panels to your home will increase its value by 2-3%. Plus, new homebuyers will usually pay more for a house with panels already installed. This means homebuyers pay an average of $15,000 more for a home with panels. Make sure you purchase the panels, though, as leasing panels can only decrease your home’s value.

6. Inexpensive Solar Panel Installation

Since the cost to finance solar is cheaper than what you currently pay the utility company, you can start saving money right away. Plus, installing your solar system will not cost you any money out of pocket unless you plan to pay with cash.

7. Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Pollution has negative and long-term effects on the local environment and planet as a whole. Thankfully, you can reduce your carbon footprint by investing in solar energy. Solar panel systems do not rely on fossil fuels, providing safe and clean energy.

8. Arizona Has The Sunniest Cities In The Country

We already know the state receives the most sun in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean any city is immune. In fact, a recent study named three Arizona cities within the top five in the country for most sunlight received. These cities include Phoenix, Yuma and Tucson. Turn the sun into clean and efficient energy by going solar today.

Solar Panels In Phoenix

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