Types of Radiant Barriers
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Types of Radiant Barriers

 Radiant barriers are manufactured to work in your attic to keep most of the heat from the sun away from the living spaces below.  The NASA inventive technology when combined with conventional insulation and an attic fan, this system can be very effective at decreasing the amount of heat that enters and exits your home.!

A Radiant Barrier reflects radiant heat transference from one side to the other because of the reflective surface.  There are a lot of kinds of radiant barriers for purchase on the market.  As technology progresses and use of radiant barriers grows, various and better kinds of radiant barriers are always being advanced.  The below post somewhat details five common types.

Common Types of Radiant Barriers

  1. Single-sided foil (one sided foil) with one other material backing like poly-propylene or kraft paper.  The material can be additionally strengthened by interposing fiber webbing between the foil and it’s backing.  A durable backing material is important because un-reinforced foil tears pretty easy.
  2. Foil-faced roofing sheathing material that originates from the manufacturer with a foil facing affixed to one side of the sheathing.
  1. Double-sided foil with reinforcement between the 2 layers of foil.  This backing might be cardboard, fiber webbing, Mylar, or drafting paper.
  2. Foil-faced insulation might be polyethylene (air-bubble) packing, ISO or another material that impedes heat conduction.
  3. Multi-layered foil systems.  This type of system form insulating air spaces when full-out expanded and installed so their foil layers never touch.  They are manufactured to hold back the condensation challenges that are typical in single-foil and bubble-foil insulation products.

Choosing the correct barrier might be subject to where the radiant barrier is going to be installed in the home and amount of heat and moisture that it is vulnerable to

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