Cheap Ways To Cool A Room
Written by Barrier Insulation Inc

Cheap Ways To Cool A Room

It’s summertime and the temperatures just keep getting warmer. So if you need some cost-effective ways to keep a room in your house as cool as possible, this post should help!

In the long run, there are some changes you can make to your home of a more permanent nature. For example, insulated window films, planting trees and installing awnings can help to shield your home from the sun. But the best option is a radiant barrier. Barrier Insulation offers the finest quality radiant barriers that keep 97% of the radiant heat from the sun from entering the building or home. It reduces the amount of energy needed by the air conditioner to keep the house cool and can save you in excess of 15% on your energy bills. Contact us today to learn how you can enjoy a cooler house with a radiant barrier from Barrier Insulation.

  • Find out what side of your house is upwind from the prevailing breeze and what side is downwind. On the downwind aspect of your house open the top section of windows. On the aspect of the house that is upwind, open the bottom section of windows.
  • Consider wetting a sheet and hanging it over an open window in the way you would hang a curtain to produce a cool breeze and maybe add a box fan positioned so it faces out of another window to push our hot air.
  • To keep your bed nice and cool, if you lightly moisten your sheets and put them in a freezer before bedtime it will help you to cool off immensely.
  • Using your stove in summer time will make the whole house hotter, so why not use your grill and cook outdoors more often in the summer months?
  • To stay cool apply cold cloths to areas where you have a strong pulse. For example, your wrists and your neck and combine that with drinking ice-cold beverages and you can cool from the inside!
  • Use cotton sheets on your bed, they stay cool and breath easily. Think about making an investment in a buckwheat pillow. As their husks have air between them, they do not retain your body heat even when occupying the same pillow case.
  • Keeping your blinds permanently closes is said to lower indoor temperatures by around 20 degrees and reduce energy bills from 6 to 8 percent!
  • Ceiling fans need to be reset on a seasonal basis for maximum efficiency. In the summer you want them to turn in a counter-clockwise direction. This creates a wind-chill breeze helping to keep you cool.
  • Keep your bathroom fans turned on It pulls out the hot air following a shower from your apartment or home.
  • Incandescent lights probably waste more energy for their size because they give off so much heat than any other appliance in your home on a pound for pound basis. Replace them with compact fluorescent lamps and they will also save your money on your energy bill as well as helping to keep your home cooler.
  • Take a large fan and position a mixing bowl full of ice at an angle, the air will take off the top of the ice creating a nice cool mist!
  • Blackout curtains are fantastic at blocking out sunlight, if they are nacked with white plastic it is said they can reduce the gain of heat by up to one third.
  • You learned in science class that heat rises so think about sleeping in the basement or on the couch downstairs or moving your mattress to the floor as there may be a cooler airflow there.
  • During summer nights the temperature usually drops in most areas of the US. By slightly opening the windows before bedtime you can get some cooler air circulating. You may even be able to create a wind tunnel of sorts by using fans to create an ideal cross breeze effect.

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