Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy
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Environmental Benefits Of Solar Energy

Some of the most common reasons why so many home and business owners go solar are the environmental benefits. Solar panels will produce clean and renewable electricity without the unwanted emissions of air pollutants or carbon dioxide.

Less Dependence On Nonrenewable Energy

Going solar is a great first step toward maintaining an energy-independent home. Solar energy helps to reduce the overall dependence on nonrenewable sources like fossil fuels. Nonrenewable energy sources create many of the pollutants that have a negative impact on our air quality.

Nonrenewable resources are given this name simply because they will run out eventually. The faster the human race makes the full transition to renewable energy, the better for the environment and future generations.

Reduced Air Pollution

Fossil fuels are known to create lots of pollutants, including dirty air and smog. These are undoubtedly bad for the environment and your health. Electricity generated by solar power will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (specifically CO2), which is generated when fossil fuels are burned.

This has led to rising temperatures across the globe and climate change, which further leads to environmental and health problems. Going solar will ultimately reduce demand for fossil fuels, limiting the amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere.

Reduced Water Usage

If an energy source does not burn fossil fuels for power, then it most likely uses water as a resource. Both hydropower and nuclear energy use lots of water to produce electricity. Solar panels generate their energy directly from the sun without the use of water and without having a negative impact on the ecosystem as a whole.

Combats Climate Change

As the amount of carbon trapped in the atmosphere continues to rise, so too will the amount of heat our planet retains. This trend will continue to affect climates in all different kinds of areas, causing warmer or cooler weather, with the potential of creating sudden and destructive storm patterns.

Scientists and climatologists agree that we need a renewable energy source to curb the negative effects to our climate. Solar energy is one of the ways that can reduce CO2 emissions and release less pollutants into the environment.

Better Long-Term Health For Humans

Cleaner air will result in cleaner lungs for mankind. In fact, the US Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy estimates that cleaner air could have a positive impact on humans with the possibility of saving up to 25,000 lives.

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