Solar Panels
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How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

From the initial meeting with licensed solar professionals to the final inspection, the solar panel installation process can take anywhere from 2-6 months to complete.

Solar Panel Installation Process

This process involves a few key steps to ensure your desired solar system works best for your home and location. The five typical steps in this process include signing a contract, the design phase, acquiring all necessary permits, installation and inspections.

Step 1. Finding Installer And Signing A Contract

Typically, this process will begin with a meeting between the homeowners and licensed professionals. At this time, you can discuss costs, benefits of going solar and design options.

Step 2. Design And Engineering

Once a contract is signed, the experienced solar technicians will visit your home to detail every last bit of the solar energy system design. The professionals will ensure the system is perfectly suited for your home and installation.

Estimated Timeline: 30-45 Days.

Step 3. Permits And Materials

The installers will pull all necessary permits for your installation once the system design is finalized. Homeowners can expect this process to take at least one month.
Estimated Timeline: 30-40 Days.

Step 4. Installation

Once the town has approved the permits for the system, you will be contacted to schedule an installation date. The installation process should take 3 or less days, but on-site issues can arise, occasionally.
Estimated Timeline: 1-5 Days.

Step 5. Inspections

Inspections will be performed after the system is fully installed.
Estimated Timeline: 15-30 Days.

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