How To Install Spray Foam Insulation
Written by Barrier Insulation

How To Install Spray Foam Insulation

To Install spray foam insulation you’ll need to select which type you want, cover windows and doors with plastic, wear protective gear, and follow spray foam installation guidelines.

Cooling and heating homes is costly and saving money is a priority.

Installing spray foam insulation provides homes with the best insulation you can buy.

This post will show you how the pros get the job done and save homeowners money!

How To Install Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation isn’t as easy to install as say fiberglass batt insulation.  There’s no hold up the section and staple it into place.  Spray foam is a two part water based spray that expands quickly upon contact with air.  You’ll need to have a plan, continue to spray, and ensure you change out the tips if you stop for more than 30 seconds.  Spray foam is installed best by trained and experienced professionals.

Step 1. Select Your Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is available in two main categories, open cell and closed cell spray foam.  Closed cell spray foam is higher performance, but is more costly. If you’ve seen those cans of foam insulation at the hardware store, it’s not what the pros install.  Canned spray foam is for filling in gaps and cracks around wiring or plumbing coming through your walls.

Step 2. Cover Windows & Doorways

Spray foam insulation by nature is sticky.  You don’t want to spray onto windows or past doorways and onto the floor.  Much like you do when you’re painting you’ll use tape to protect the widows, doors, and doorways.

Step 3. Wear Protective Clothing & Safety Gear

As much as you don’t need spray foam insulation on your windows, you don’t want it on your skin.  In addition you don’t want to breathe it in or get it in your eyes.  So a protective suit, googles, gloves, and a respirator are all necessary to safeguard your health.

Step 4. Only Apply To Dry Surfaces

Spray foam insulation is designed to be installed on dry surfaces.  If sprayed onto a surface that’s got greater than 20% moisture it will not stick.  The plywood, wall studs, and joists need to be measured to ensure they are dry enough for spray foam insulation.

Step 5. Plan Spray Foam Installation

As you cannot stop for more than 30 seconds you need to plan what sections you’re spraying and in what pattern.  Have the plan worked out in your head before you pull the trigger on your gun.  If you’ve got high sections that need to be insulated, make sure you have ladders set up before getting started.  It’s also a good idea to plan for ventilation to remove the fumes from your workspace.

Step 6. Spray Perimeter First

To apply it correctly and fill in the gaps and cracks that spray foam is famous for filling you’ll need to spray the top, sides, and bottom first.  Allow this to dry before filling in your center sections in voids between your wall studs.  It’s a good practice to do a large set of these perimeters on the walls in a room.  This will allow them to dry in succession and make it so you can start over filling them in where you started in the first place sooner.

Step 7. Fill In Sprayed Sections

Allow your perimeters to dry for a few minutes and then fill in the center sections of your spray foam insulation areas.  If you spray too soon before the first perimeter was applied you’ll impact your R-values and not get the full benefit of your spray foam insulation investment.

Step 8. Remember To Keep Applicator Lubed

It’s important to make sure you lube the applicator each time you replace a spray tip.  If you’ve stopped spraying for more than 30 seconds replace the tip and apply the lube to the gun.  Each gun has a different approach for this so follow the manufacturer directions on which lube to use and how to apply it.

Spray Foam Insulation Service

There’s a lot that goes into installing spray foam insulation correctly.  To get the most from you investment and ensure you’re saving the most money heating and cooling your home; hire the pros.  If you live in or around the Phoenix Valley our team can help!  Barrier Insulation is Phoenix’ #1 Spray Foam Insulation Contractor with decades of experience.

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