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Insulating A Garage

Although we associate Arizona with heat, for most of the year we have a warm to cool climate. We insulate our homes but insulating a garage is important too. Read on to learn more!

Shared Walls

With the majority of garages only sharing a single wall with the house, the roof of the garage can retain large amounts of heat and that heat may get into your home, causing an increased burden on your cooling system.


Reducing heat is key. A garage roof, often with eaves and peaks together with attic space, it should be relatively simple to get in there you can install fiberglass batt insulation and when the roof can be seen, you can apply some high R-value board between the joists.  Closed-sell spray foam may be applied, though would need the services of a professional company for maximum efficiency.

Carbon Monoxide

This killer gas can be a killer and other gases in your garage can harm the health of your family. The correct sealing of he living space to the garage space is crucial. Some builders use a cavity wall system acting as a return duct for the air in the HVAC – not a good idea! When you insulate walls, you will need the services of a professional to make sure the air flow is correctly rerouted.

Garage Insulation Phoenix Valley

If you live in the Phoenix Valley and want to maximize your home’s comfort and keep your garage cooler during the summer use these tips and consider having professionals install garage insulation and insulate your garage door.  The combination of tips and insulation for your garage will make it a usable space during the summer and help keep the heat out of the rest of your home.

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