Solar Carports Costs And Benefits
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Solar Carports Cost

On average, a solar carport costs about $3.45 per watt for the year 2023, according to EnergySage. Costs are dependent on how much you pay for electricity and the size of your solar system. Solar canopies will help you save even more if your facility uses a lot of electricity. You can quickly lower your bill by using solar energy throughout the peak charging hours.

Residential Solar Carport Cost

Residential solar carports will cost anywhere from $3.45 to $3.99 per watt for installation. In total, a carport will cost between $67,275-$1,332,800. The highest figure accounts for a large 1,000kW system, which covers more than 68,000 sq. feet.

*Costs are according to SolarElectricSupply

Commercial Solar Carport Cost

For the most part there will be no difference between commercial and residentials models when it comes to cost per watt. Commercial carports will cost an average of $3.45 per watt. Energy Sage has done research to show that business owners can sometimes save more than $70,000 per year by installing solar carports. Commercial carports are undoubtedly more popular than residential carports in the U.S.

Solar Carport

Solar Carport Benefits

These ground-mounted solar panels continue to be installed in parking lots across the country. The carports do not require any extra construction or land, as they can be built on pre-existing lots. Here are a few environmental and monetary benefits of solar carports:

1. Reduce Energy Costs

This is the biggest reason why so many home and business owners opt for solar carports. Electricity costs can be unpredictable, rising at an alarming rate throughout the years. Solar carports will help you control your electricity costs and keep them steady for a long time. Solar systems will help stabilize a company’s cash flow. This allows flexibility to invest in other areas of the industry or business.

2. Efficient Use Of Space

As mentioned above, installing a carport will require no new construction to the existing parking lot(s). Instead, these carports will simply add convenience and comfort to your employee or customer experience. Carports not only protect from sunlight, but can help shield vehicles from any sort of inclement weather.

3. Adaptability

Carports can be used to fit the needs of any business, big or small. Everything from style to size can be customized with these carports. The construction can be completed quickly and the savings will begin to pile up almost instantly.

4. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Your business can have sustainable operations benefiting both the environment and community once these carports are installed. Consumers do tend to support companies that commit long-term to sustainability.

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