Blown-In Insulation Cost
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How Much Does It Cost For Blown In Insulation?

The average blown-in insulation ranges around $1,483 according to members. Homeowners typically spend around $926 and $2,075. This cost depends on the work that going to be performed by the home owner or a professional blown-in installation installer.

Blown-In Insulation Price Per the Square Footage

Blow-in insulation (also known as loose-fill) costs between $1 to $1.50 per sq. ft. So, you can expect pay a little more for projects that require higher R valued insulation. Don’t forget when installing this type of insulation around any electrical wiring can be dangerous and may require you to hire a professional installer.

Cost of Labor for Blow-in Insulation Services

The average price of insulation services ranges anywhere from $40-70 per hour. It can be a lot more expensive to install insulation in older homes instead of a newer home. Bear in mind, the thicker the insulation, the longer its installation will take.

Attic Blown-In Insulation Installation Cost

The average cost to insulate your attic with blown-in insulation can cost between $600 – $1,200 for a 1,000 square foot attic. Having said that, if you decide to hire a professional know labor costs will range from $40-$70 an hour in addition to the materials used. A minimum R-value of 30 is ideal for this project.

What Amount of Blown-In Insulation Will be Needed?

Follow a couple of easy steps to calculate the number of bags of insulation you’ll need for the project.

  • Find the square footage of the area you’re insulating
  • Find out which R-value works best for your home
  • Find the square footage the insulation you decided on will cover
  • Find the R-value of the insulation you decided

If the R-value of the home matches the R-value of the insulation you’ve decided on, then purchase sufficient insulation to cover the projected square footage (with a little overage)

If the R-value of the insulation is less than what the home requires, then double the number of bags you buy and have installed.

Advantages of Having Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation installation is a lot quicker and less costly to have installed than that of batt and roll forms. It adds a longer lifespan to the homes roof and its shingles and lowers energy costs. It also can act as a vapor retardant and moisture barrier.

Blown-In Insulation Phoenix

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