How To Insulate Garage Ceiling Rafters
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How To Insulate Garage Ceiling Rafters

You have insulated the walls of your garage and now you are wondering if the ceiling should be insulated, as well. Follow our step-by-step guide to insulate your garage ceiling rafters safely and efficiently.

Materials Needed

You will need the following tools/materials for this DIY project:

  • Hammer.
  • Nails.
  • Staple Gun.
  • Utility Knife.
  • Fiberglass Batts.
  • Ladder.
  • Drywall.
  • Drywall Screws.
  • Measuring Tape.
  • Gloves.
  • Dust Mask.
  • Eye Protection.

Once the needed materials are in place, it’s time to start the insulating process.

Step 1. Check For Damage

  • Check the area completely for any damaged or loose rafters or fasteners.
  • Make sure all rafters have fasteners secured.
  • Check for any damage caused by water or termites.
  • Tighten any loose fasteners or replace them, if necessary.
  • Use measuring tape to figure out the length and width of each rafter.
  • Most of the rafters will be the same size except the ones on the ceiling perimeter.
  • Record all measurements.

Step 2. Prepare The Area

  • Clear out the garage so you have easy access to the ceiling at all times.
  • This includes removing cars and personal items from the area.

Step 3. Install Rafter Vents

  • Cut your new rafter vents to a similar size according to the insulation.
  • Your utility knife will be able to cut through the boards quite easily.
  • Place the rafters on the left and right sides of the garage, just like the insulation.
  • Use a staple gun and ladder to install the vents on top of the rafters.
  • You will need one staple for every 8-10 inches for security.

Step 4. Prepare Insulation

  • Place your insulation outside of the garage at this time.
  • Use your utility knife to cut the insulation so it fits between each rafter.
  • Place pieces of identical square footage to the left side of the garage.
  • Place the perimeter pieces on the opposite side of the garage.
  • This will help you from spending too much time searching for each piece.

Step 5. Install The Insulation

  • Install the insulation you placed on the left side of the garage first.
  • Install it in the rafters below the rafter vents.
  • You may be able to push it into place if you have batt insulation.
  • Align the front of the piece with the rafter front so the back of the insulation faces downward.
  • Rigid foam can face either direction.
  • Grab the irregular perimeter pieces of insulation, placing them between the rafters.
  • After insulation, check the entire ceiling for any gaps.
  • Fill any gaps with leftover pieces of insulation and rafter vents.

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