Solar Panel Quotes
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30 Solar Energy Quotes

U.S. Politician Ken Salazar once said, “I think the future of solar energy is bright!” Let’s take a look at some of the best solar energy quotes!

Quotes About Solar Energy

  1. “Solar power, wind power, the way forward is to collaborate with nature – it’s the only way we are going to get to the other end of the 21st century.” – Bjork
  2. “All energy is ultimately derived for the sun and harvesting it directly through solar power seems to be the best way to transition to renewable energy.” – Peter Rive
  3. “Because we are now running out of gas and oil, we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of coal and permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power.” – Jimmy Carter
  4. “We need to drive the cost of solar energy down to where it’s competitive for bulk power generation.” – Jim Dipeso
  5. “The sun – that power plant in the sky – bathes Earth in ample energy to fulfill all the world’s power needs many times over. It doesn’t give off carbon dioxide emissions. It won’t run out. And it’s free.” – Susannah Locke
  6. “The use of solar energy offers huge potential for natural resource and climate protection, and for the expansion of renewable energies on the road to a future-oriented energy supply.” – Margareta Wolf
  7. “Solar energy is clean, renewable and easy to harvest – and Nevada is blessed to have no shortage of sunshine.” – Jacky Rosen
  8. “Solar power is clean, renewable and cost effective, but it also needs time to develop.” – J.D. Hayworth
  9. “The costs of solar energy across the world have come down so fast that its growth as a cheap, clean energy source has been exponential.” – Barry Gardiner
  10. “Even if you don’t care about the environment whatsoever, solar panels are really cool, and are an investment because they save money in the long run.” – Rutger Bregman
  11. “If anyone has a vested interest in space solar power, it would have to be me.” – Elon Musk
  12. “Solar energy is bound to be in our future. There’s a kind of inevitability about it.” – Jim Inhofe
  13. “Solar power is going to be absolutely essential to meeting growing energy demands while starving off climate change.” – Ramez Naam
  14. “We live in a world bathed in 5,000 times more energy than we consume as a species in the year, in the form of solar energy. It’s just not in usable form yet.” – Peter Diamandis
  15. “I’ve been very passionate about renewable energy for many years, particularly solar energy and its capacity to bring abundant clean, sustainable energy to millions around the globe.” – Richard Branson
  16. “Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun yet.” – Bonnie Ratt
  17. “Once you got a solar panel on a roof, energy is free. Once we convert our entire electricity grid to green and renewable energy, cost of living goes down.” – Elizabeth May
  18. “The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.” – Ralph Nader
  19. “We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy – sun, wind and tide. I’d put my money on the sum and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” – Thomas Edison
  20. “The whole idea of the solar project is to do something useful and replace dirty energy with clean energy.” – Nick Kelly
  21. “Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to provide energy for the entire planet for 24 years.” –
  22. “I see a lot of opportunity in internet-related start-ups and second is the solar business.” – Masayoshi Son
  23. “In just a few hundred years, we will have to cover the entire surface of the Earth in solar cells if we want to continue our energy usage.” – Jeff Bezos
  24. “Both solar and wind produce too much energy when societies don’t need it, and not enough when they do.” – Michael Shellenberger
  25. “The roof of my house is covered in solar panels. When I’m home, I’m a pretty green fellow.” – Bill McKibben
  26. “You know why we don’t have solar energy? It’s because the sun goes away each day and it doesn’t tell us where it’s going.” – Lewis Black
  27. “There is no shortage of solar and wind energy – and prices are rapidly falling. We can build a clean energy future at modest costs if we want to.” – Andrew Blakers
  28. “The holy grail… is being able to store solar energy for use when the sun isn’t out.” – Julie Franz
  29. “Customer solar energy generation reduces wear on utility lines because most of that solar power is used behind the meter and never travels through the wires.” – John S. Quarterman
  30. “With the cost of energy constantly on the rise, going solar gives you the ability to control rising energy costs and creates positive PR from choosing to go green at your operation.” – Mike Williams

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