12 Ways To Keep My House Cooler Without AC
Written by Barrier Insulation

12 Ways To Keep My House Cooler Without AC

If you’re searching for how to cool a house without ac or  how to keep houses cool in Arizona this post will help!  These tips will cut down on some of the days you’ll need to run the AC and reduce the strain on your system on the hottest days.  The financial benefits for summer proofing your home will pay dividends each and every year.  Take a look at some of the options you can get a professional to install, or just good habits to keep you cool and comfortable during these hot summer months.

Best 3 Professional Ways To Keep My House Cooler Without AC

Radiant Barriers – This is a type of insulation that is installed in the attic of a house or attached to the rafters of the roof.  This reduces the air conditioning cost by keeping the attic a cooler space during the summer which means less heat in your house, and less need to keep the AC running all the time.

Foam Insulation – This industry leading insulation type minimizes air leakage to keep your air conditioning in the house instead of leaking out and wasting your money.   And the more of your air that stays in your house, the less that AC unit runs, and the more money that stays in your pocket.

Attic Ventilation – Attic Ventilation comes in two types and Eve Line Venting/Lower Air Intake and Fans.  These technologies help keep the attic itself cooler, which means less heat radiating down from the attic into your living space.

12 Alternative Ways To Stay Cool Without AC

Here are 9 great tips for keeping your home cooler without having to run your AC unit too much.  Using them all gives you the best edge against summer heat!

1. Keep The Blinds Closed

Draw the blinds and shades during the day – As much as we look forward to summer when the light actually starts to stream into our windows, it brings with it lots of heat.  If you’d like to reduce your electricity bill, pull them closed.  This is especially important when there is direct light on those windows.

2. Keep those fans going

They cost a lot less to run but they put the air directly on you in while you watch TV, read or while you are laying in bed getting that much needed rest.

3. Invest In Window Film

Invest a little money in some reflective window film. Much like your vehicle’s tint a reflective film can help guard your home and your pocket book against excessive AC costs.

4. Swap Out Light Bulbs

Switch out your light bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs.  Those old incandescent lights use more energy and actually produce a lot of heat themselves!

5. Keep Yourself Cool

Cool your house, cool yourself.  An important way to help ourselves weather the heat of the summer, especially here in Phoenix is to keep ourselves cool with plenty of water and icy beverages.

6. Dress for the heat

Wearing light colored and loose fitting clothing can go a long way for us to make the most of summer and keep our costs down not running the AC like crazy while we chill out in wool and sweats.

7. Wear A Wet Towel

A great trick for weathering the hot Arizona summers is a wet towel.  You just have to get it wet and then drape it around your neck, and apply it to your wrists and forehead for some welcomed relief from the heat.  This is a great trick for when you’re home, hiking, or just need to cool off.

8. Install Shade Elements

Invest in some natural shade outside; planting some trees that help shade your home from getting sun in the first place goes a long ways to helping keep you cool.  You can also install some shade sails or awnings to provide more shade.

9. Cook Outdoors

Another fun way to help keep the house cool and get some great food is to use that BBQ.  It keeps the heat out of the house and puts some great food on your plate at the same time.

10. Cotton Bedding

Silk and polyester might be great for comfort on cooler nights but it isn’t as breathable as cotton.  For hot summer nights invest in some cotton such as Egyptian cotton sheets to help stay cool on those hottest of summer nights.

11. Dampen Your Sheets

Another trick for bedtime is to get your sheets slightly damp to help cool your skin.  They won’t likely stay damp all night but will send you off to slumber-land in some comfort and relief from the heat.

12. Pack In The Cool

On cold nights in the old days people would take hot water bottles to bed to stay warm, it works the other way too with ice packs or rice bags from the freezer.  You can chill these throughout each day and take them to bed with you to cool off.  For fast cooling you can press them against your pulse points such as your neck, wrists, or ankles.

Get Your Home Insulation Upgraded

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