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How To Install Insulation in a Ceiling

To install insulation in a ceiling you can either hire professional insulation install or you can do it yourself.  The way to install the insulation will depend on the type of insulation you decide you want.

Warning: Always use personal protection equipment any time you’re handling insulation.  This goes for when you’re installing insulation and if you’re doing insulation removal.  The particulates insulation can put in the air are potentially harmful to your eyes, skin, and in particular your respiratory system.

Measure The Area Your Installing Insulation

The first thing you’ll need to do is calculate the space you’re insulating.  Take measurements to get the square footage of the area that needs insulation.  To calculate the square footage, take the length and multiply it by the width.  If you’ve got some areas that are taller than others take separate square measurements and considering buying 10% more insulation to cover irregular areas and waste.

Decide Which Type of Insulation

Your next job is to decide which type of insulation you want for your ceiling.  The best two types of insulation for ceilings are spray foam insulation and batt insulation.  They each have advantages for performance, cost, and ease of installation.

Spray foam insulation does outperform batt insulation, but it requires the trained hand of a professional for reliable installation.  Spray foam insulation R-Values are higher and as an added benefit spray foam seals off gaps and cracks.

Fiberglass batt insulation is less costly and easier to install for homeowners but will never have the same level of performance.  This means your conditioned air is staying in and outside air long with its pollen will stay out.

Purchase Insulation & Supplies

Next you’ll need to either hire a professional to install your insulation or buy the insulation and supplies.  Either way the insulation needs to be purchased and to install it tools are needed.  In the case that you’re installing spray foam a spray rig is needed along with ladders.  If batt insulation is being installed ladders will be needed along with, a measuring tape,  and heavy duty staple guns to attach the paper backing to the joists.

In either case personal protection gear is absolutely necessary for any type of insulation installation.  This means eye cover, facemask, and body covering.  Spray foam typically requires a protective body covering that prevents it from being spray on skin or ruining clothing.  Fiberglass batts will make you itch if you don’t wear long sleeves and pants.

Install Insulation in Ceiling

The way you install insulation in the ceiling depends on the type of insulation you decided to install.  There are much different methods to installing spray foam insulation vs. batt insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation Install

For spray foam insulation the installation consists of getting your safety gear on, preparing the spray rig, and then applying the spray foam in a consistent manner and depth.  This type of insulation goes on as a thing coating of liquid and quickly expands in volume filling up the area and any gaps or cracks.  Read more on how to install spray foam insulation.

Batt Insulation Install

If you’ve decided to install batt insulation you will need to measure and cut sections of the insulation to fit.  Utility knifes are the best tool to use to cut this insulation.  A great method for making the cutting easier is to compress the insulation down with a 2×4 section of wood to make cutting easier.

Next take your section up to the area between the joists and set the insulation gently in as far as it will go.  Fold out the paper edges to the insulation batt and affix them to the ceiling joist using your staple gun.  You should have a staple about every 7 inches.

 Phoenix Valley Insulation Installation

If you’ve got a business or home where you’d like to install insulation in the ceiling our team can help.  Our professional service makes the process easier, faster, and we get the job done right.  We install both spray foam insulation and batt insulation to give you the property owner the option for whichever fits your needs and budget best.  Our goal is to always provide exception customer service and install the very best insulation anywhere in Arizona.